Phpmailer example of sending Yahoo Mail

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This article describes the use of Phpmailer to send Yahoo Mail examples, have the need for friends, refer to the next bar.

Examples of e-mail phpmailer:

      ISSMTP ();//mail server $mail->host = ""; $mail->smtpdebug  = 0;//Use smpt authentication $mail-> Smtpauth   = true;//smtp Authenticated user name $mail->username   = "******** @yahoo. cn";//smtp verified Secret $mail->password   = "y*********";//Set encoding format $mail->charset  = "utf-8";//Set subject $mail->subject    = "Test";//$mail->altbody    = "To view the message, please use an HTML compatible email viewer!"; /Set Sender $mail->setfrom (' ******* @yahoo. cn ', ' test ');//send mail in HTML format $mail->msghtml ($body);//Recipient's message name $mail-> AddAddress ("********* @yahoo. com", "test");//Send mail if (! $mail->send ()) {  echo "Mailer Error:". $mail->errorinfo;} else {  echo "Message sent!";}? >

Need to introduce Phpmailer class file, download address: Phpmailer Mail Send class V5.1 download address.

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