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phpMyAdmin is the client software used to connect the MySQL database remotely, the user can refer to the following steps
To configure phpMyAdmin software:

Please download the Phpmyadmin.rar file to your local;

Use WinRAR to extract the file and generate a phpmyadmin directory;

Please use software such as Notepad on the local host to edit the file (add customer database link information) under the phpMyAdmin directory and modify the following settings:
$cfgServers [1][' host '] = ' localhost '; (the system default host name is ' localhost '
No modification required)
$cfgServers [1][' user '] = ' database administrator name ';
$cfgServers [1][' password '] = ' password ';
$cfgServers [1][' only_db '] = ' database (database administrator name _db) ';
After the modification is complete, save the file;

After modifying the configuration file, all files in the phpMyAdmin directory and its directory will be uploaded to the customer via FTP
The directory of the website; (It's better to change your name slightly so that you can change your data if you want to.)

You can manage and create a customer's MySQL by typing ' http//your domain/phpmyadmin ' in the browser

Managing MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin
1, after you create your database (or service provider to your database name), click on the selected, and then press "Manage this database", will enter the database of the Web management interface,
Can create table, manage content, etc.;

2, double-click your database, the data table in the database will be displayed, and in the right half of the screen will display the operation of each data table:
3. Each table can be operated according to the tips of the right half part;

Browse: Can display all records in the data table;
Select: is based on the criteria to display the data table records, where you can enter a certain query criteria, the system according to the query criteria you entered,
Display the corresponding record;
Insert: is to add a record;
Properties: You can change the properties of each field in the data table, you can increase the index and other operations;
Discard: is to delete this data sheet, note that after deletion can not be resumed, do not easily delete operation;
Empty: Means to delete all records in a data table

Run the SQL statement in the database specified below:

Refers to the input of standard SQL statements, which can be manipulated according to your SQL statement, or you can select your local SQL statement file and click
Click the "Start" button to perform the operation;

4, review the structure of the database and summary information has four options
1) Select structure only: refers to the structure of the data table, which is not the data, but is displayed on the screen.
2) structure and data: refers to the structure and data content of the data table,
3) Send: The content of the system is only output to a file.

5. Create a new data sheet:
Name: Refers to the names of newly created data tables
Field: Refers to the number of fields that the newly created data table contains

Click "Start" button, enter the new interface, enter the name and type of each field, after the input is finished, click "Save" and the system will
Automatically returns to the previous layer interface;

6, discard the database: refers to the deletion of this database, please do not feel free to operate, in order to avoid problems;

7, the above we described the operation of the database, the following we have a database of a data table operation to tell the role of Phpadmin;

8, double-click a data table in the database, in the right half of the screen will show the structure of this data table;

9, the page displays the properties of this data table, in the Action column is:
1) Change: Refers to changing the name of this field
2) Discard: means delete this field
3) Key Name: Refers to whether this field is changed to the primary key
4) Index: Refers to the data record that will be indexed by this field
5) Unique: The contents of this field are unique in the data table, and there is no duplicate record;

10, browsing: Refers to the display of records; Select: Refers to the input query criteria, according to your query criteria query records; Insert: Add a record;

11. Reading data from a text file: Refers to a local text file imported into this data table, about the format of the text file you can be a space
or semicolons, etc.;

12, view the structure of the data table information: You can send the structure of the data table or structure data records, etc. to the screen or a standard file, square
you to backup data;

13, change the data table name: is to change this data table to a new data table name;

14. Copy Data sheet: refers to the creation of a data table as in this data table.

About the VBB forum data Backup and recovery issues!!!
I use the time, the original will not, so meet and year more problems, now I finally will, write a description out, to share my experience!
1, you will use Myphpadmin, he is a good tool, general space support MySQL has to you loaded, so you can use directly, his installation and use can refer to here:

And you can go to the gathering bar to see.
VBB is a very good php+mysql forum, the laggards forum since its inception has been the use of VBB. But for most users, MySQL backup is a hassle, because most of the space quotient does not provide access to the database remote connection, and due to the PHP program's 30-second running limit, Making a backup of a slightly larger MySQL library becomes a very troublesome issue. Fish is now on the back of the data backup experience of the forum, using phpMyAdmin as an example to tell the MySQL data backup.

The following fish are based on the Ztsky VBB 2.20 and phpMyAdmin 2.26 version of the description
Ztsky VBB can be downloaded to
phpMyAdmin can be downloaded by

VBB 2.29 A total of access, Adminlog, Adminutil, announcement, attachment, Avatar, BBCode, calendar_events, Customavatar, forum, F Orumpermission, Icon, moderator, poll, Pollvote, Post, Privatemessage, Profilefield, replacement, ReplacementSet, search , Searchindex, session, setting, Settinggroup, Smilie, style, Subscribeforum, subscribethread, template, Templateset, THR EAD, threadrate, User, useractivation, Userfield, UserGroup, usertitle, Word 43 tables.

The relative importance of which is
Post and thread tables to save posts for the forum
Poll and Pollvote tables, which are used to save the voting portion of the forum--typically not backed up
Privatemessage table for saving whispers between users---generally not backed up
All tables at the beginning of user to save information about registered users of the forum-----There's a couple of them that need to get down together.
Fourm is to save the Forum classification, without him, your classification is not complete, so also to back up together.

When you back up, you just have to put a few important notes on it.
Below, we'll restore the forum data.

Go into the myphpadmin and restore the data from the above backup.

Note: You have a few tables in the restored data, then you have to delete the existing table, discarded, to be able to make no mistakes, such as you put the user's several data together in a zip file, then restore to the several deleted together, so good!

Above is my own in the management of the summary of experience, good words please support more!! Please also provide comments and suggestions!

Backup forum Data There is a way to back up directly in the background, in fact, it is the same!!! true techarticle phpMyAdmin is used to remotely connect the MySQL database client software, the user can refer to the following steps to configure the phpMyAdmin software: Please download the Phpmyadmin.rar file to your local;

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