Phpstudy is how a software is not a button to install the server, there are other similar software?

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Someone is going to cooperate with me to develop crowdfunding platform, so download this software test, ASP has similar software, a software can do most of the settings, the software can be set up what Ah, support how many users access, business use of what, small forum can use it

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10 free Web server suite-Easy to build Apache,php,phpmyadmin,mysql
Free software April 25, 2013 17:30

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A friend of a regular virtual host may rarely be concerned about building a Web server, but for a friend who buys a Windows, Linux VPS, or server, how to quickly build a apache,php,phpmyadmin on a VPS server, MySQL's Web server is the most important issue.

In addition many friends often find some free space to build a station program for testing purposes, in fact, we can build a Web server on their own PC, testing in the local, not only efficient and fast, but also to ensure the security of source data, some free space is not reliable.

This article brought forward the blog Blogger's contribution, for you to share 10 free Web server Software , so you on Windows and Linux easy to build Wamp, Lnmp, LAMP, LLSMP and other Web server platform, Part of the tribe has already written a tutorial, this time a summary of the hope to give you a reference comparison.

Because usually in order to test the site modification effect, all require to build a Web server. Each time the manual build, is people will be annoyed, all have a lot of good guys for our free development of Web Server suite, very grateful to them! If you feel good, then please donate them, donate!.

First, Usbwebserver

1, Usbwebserver is a free computer website erection tools. The software allows users to quickly build PHP Version, Apache, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL and other web sites to run the necessary host suite, so you can easily structure their own website.

2, this is also I use more, but did not set the function of adding virtual machine, so can only be added manually. This is a green product, decompression can be directly used, uninstall is directly delete the extracted folder on the line, quite clean.

3, the current version is Usbwebserver v8.5, build environment for WAMP, including:

    • PHP Version 5.3.9
      Apache 2.2.21
      MySQL 5.5

4, here is usbwebserver download address , official website: usbwebserver V8

5, the tribe before there is an article on the topic: Usbwebserver local Rapid Build Web server environment One-click Server platform

Second, the Uniform server

1. The Uniform Server is a Wamp package that runs on the Windows platform. Easy to build server platform, can also be convenient for developers to test: Software only 10MiB, install the latest Apache2, PERL5, PHP5, MySQL5, PhpMyAdmin.

2, build the environment for Wamp (Windows:apache + MySQL + PHP). There are currently two versions, one is the Uniform Server and the other is the miniservers. It is also free of charge.

3. Here is the uniform server download address , official website: the Uniform server

Third, Apache Friends

1, Apache Friends Built environment is XAMPP, including MySQL, PHP and Perl version of the Apache. XAMPP is very easy to install and use, so far, there are four versions of XAMPP (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris) and are free:

2. Xampp for Windows, including: Apache, MySQL, PHP + PEAR, Perl, mod_php, Mod_perl, Mod_ssl, OpenSSL, PhpMyAdmin, Webalizer, Mercury Mail Transport System, Ming, Jpgraph, FileZilla FTP Server, MCrypt, Eaccelerator, SQLite and Web-dav + mod_auth_mysql.

3, the installation package will be written to the registry, free installation package can be directly extracted using, uninstall directly deleted.

4, the tribe has already begun to use Apache friends, xampp build local server build station three steps:

    • 1, Windows system WordPress Local test ready to install XAMPP
    • 2, Windows system wordpress Local test installation of the latest version of WordPress
    • 3. WordPress Theme Plugin Installation and debugging: Take local wordpress test as an example

4, this is the latest version of xampp Download (Window System 32-bit). Official website: XAMPP installers and Downloads for Apache Friends

Iv. Phpnow

1, made, Win32 under the green free Apache + PHP + MySQL Environment Kit package. Easy to install and quickly build a PHP environment that supports virtual hosting. The Pncp.cmd Control Panel is included to help you quickly configure your kit for easy use.

2, Phpnow is green, after decompression to perform setup.cmd initialization, you can get a PHP + MySQL environment. Then you can directly install discuz!, Phpwind, DeDe, WordPress and other programs.

3, here is Phpnow download address , official website: servkit | Phpnow Green PHP suite = Apache + php + MySQL + phpMyAdmin 0 Configuration Instant Setup

Wu, Wampserver

1, Wampserver is the WinDOS Apache Mysql PHP Integrated installation environment, that is, under Window Apache, PHP and Mysql server software. PHP extension, Apache module, turn on/off the mouse point is done, no longer need to personally modify the configuration file.

2, this goods of France, the version feels full, originally is to test and build the environment, so it provides a different version of the Apche,php,mysql, convenient for us to test the differences between different versions.

3. Here is wampserver download address , official website: wampserver, la plate-forme de dăšveloppement Web sous Windows

Six, Apache/nginx green PHP Server suite UPUPW

1, is a made, and is divided into two versions: Apache and nginx Two version of the distinction. Recently came out, tested under, support virtual machine add, but a bit uncomfortable is only put in the D packing directory.

2, can not choose the directory, estimated if you want to put other directories can also, as long as the modification of its configuration file on the line. The official introduction is as follows:

3. UPUPW PHP Environment Integration pack is the most featured PHP server suite under the Windows platform, including the Apache and Nginx versions (apache/nginx+php+mysql+phpmyadmin+zendguardloader+ Eaccelerator).

4, UPUPW PHP Environment Integration package can run on any version of any architecture on the Windows system, Apache version of the use of efficient Fcgid module run PHP5 program, using MPM structure modular, integrated package is completely green free, decompression is used, unfettered, no need to uninstall, exit.

5, here is UPUPW (Apache version) download address and UPUPW (Nginx version) download address , official website: UPUPW Green Server Platform-apache| Nginx| Kangle Free Server PHP Suite

Seven, Apmserv

1, Apmserv used to quickly set up a button apache+php+mysql+nginx+memcached+asp platform, this is a banquet development, we can go to try, I have not used, hehe, so it is not good to say, look at the interface, the function of control management than the other are more comprehensive.

2, of course, the requirements of the operator is higher, or whether those parameters are open, modify the value of how much, are a bit of experience.

3. Official website: Apmserv official website

Eight, Phpstudy

1, Phpstudy package integration of the latest Apache+php+mysql+phpmyadmin+zend Loader, one-time installation, without configuration can be used, is very convenient, easy to use PHP debugging environment.

2, the program green Small simple mini only 13M, has a special control panel. Anyway, learning PHP requires only one package. With the people there, the author also has phpfind (6-piece set, integrated with the latest nginx+php+mysql+sql-front+zend Guard Loader+xcache) and phplight (integrated with the latest lighttpd+php+mysql+ Sql-front+zend Guard Loader+xcache. Two works, you can also try.

3, the tribe has already had the special introduction: apache+mysql+php Debug Environment Program Integration pack: Phpstudy 2011

4, here is phpstudy 2011 Download Address , official website: PHP Tutorial _phpstudy official website _phpstudy 2014 Download _phpstudy tutorial

Nine, easyphp

1. easyphp software helps you use PHP to manage data, develop sites and applications. It is a good thing to debug PHP programs, Integration: Apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.3.3, MySQL 4.0.15, PhpMyAdmin 2.5.3.

2, here is easyphp download address , official website: easyphp | Develop with Devserver and host with Webserver

X. LNMP one-click installation package and LLSMP

1, military brother produced by the Lnmp one-button installation package, I think this is the current Linux VPS with the most a server suite, I also commonly used this, shell script write, modify it is also convenient, and high degree of intelligence, easy to expand, easy to upgrade, convenient for those who want to build multiple sites webmaster.

2, Lnmp one-button installation package also provides different web programs pseudo-static, such as Wordpress,discuz, is really very easy, in the Linux environment I highly recommend a server suite. This is the most I use, because it is usually tested in a Linux environment.

3, the tribe already has the detailed picture installs the tutorial: the ultra-province memory Linux VPS host LNMP One-click installs the package: fits the small memory VPS to build the station

3, LLSMP is Linux + litespeed + MySQL + php abbreviation, on the Linux system configuration Litespeed Web server, MySQL data server and PHP one-click installation package. With just a few simple commands, LLSMP one-click installation package will help you automate installation and configuration, eliminating the need for cumbersome, trivial processes

4, the tribe about LLSMP detailed graphic tutorials are: small memory VPS Installation Litespeed


1, these 10 Web server configuration software Everyone according to their own needs to test and use the version, radish cabbage, each their own! There may also be people who say things like LANMP, these are shell scripts, not too much to introduce.

2, said the bottom, these tools can only save us the trouble of configuration, I recommend manually build these environments, because when the change to upload file size limit, PHP disable functions, error handling problems, you are required to familiarize yourself with configuration parameters.

Article from: Big stride Blog by the tribal editor, the copyright belongs to the original author. This site, in addition to the source, are the author of original articles, can be freely quoted, but please specify the source.


Hpstudy+discuz+nat123 Build Release forum to the Internet
    • Views: 407
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    • Updated: 2014-02-09 22:09
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    • Tags: php

    • Goal:

Build and publish a forum website to the Internet.

    • Get ready:

Prepare the relevant installation package. Phpstudy installation package, Discuz installation package, nat123 installation package.

  • Implementation process

    Phpstudy Build Deployment:

    Phpstudy is actually a green unpacking package, double-click and unzip to local can be used.

    Discuz Installation Deployment:

    1. Unzip the discuz and change the upload file to a custom file name, such as D:/bbs

    2. Enable Phpstudy, configure site Local path D:/bbs and ports

    3. Access the Discuz local URL in the browser, such as IP plus port or localhost plus port.

    4. The Discuz installation prompt appears, follow the prompts wizard to complete the installation. nat123 Publishing site:

    Enable nat123 port mappings and add mappings. The extranet address can be your own domain name, and the external network port can be 80. A successful mapping is the success of the publishing site.

  • See if you can use the Internet address to access the forum website! Praise.

  • Iscuz, Phpstudy, and nat123 are simple and easy-to-operate software that can be used to quickly build and publish forums and Web services, even if a novice can learn to publish a website in a matter of minutes. The steps to implement are the following procedures.

      • First, phpstudy deployment. Double-click Install to Local. Very simple one step. As a new learning, you can step-by-step and then deeply modify configuration customizations.

      • Second, discuz installation deployment. (1) Place the installation folder locally, then launch Phpstudy, add discuz Local path and port in "phpstudy/Menu Management/website domain name management". Takes effect when the configuration is saved. (2) In the browser access discuz The Chinese Installation Wizard prompts, follow the wizard next to install successfully.

      • Third, nat123 publish the website. Start the nat123 port mapping and add the mappings. The external network port can be 80.

      • The test site. After the nat123 mapping, access to the site is normal. Successfully released the Discuz forum website.

  • Currently most people use the Open Source Forum website. Nat123 is an open and free web platform for the application of published websites. With Discuz and nat123 you can easily build a deployment forum website and publish websites to the Internet. The implementation process is as follows.

      • 1. Install the Deployment Discuz Forum website.

    Discuz Forum The installation process is relatively simple, the browser Chinese Installation wizard prompts the next step to complete the installation.

    • 2. Test the Forum website. After the successful installation of the Forum website, you can open the login access to normal in the native test, and manage the background logon access to view normal. At the same time, in the LAN other Machine Access Forum website view Normal. You can send a sticker test.

    • 3.nat123 Publishing Site. Start the nat123 port mapping and add the mappings. Intranet address is the LAN address of the forum website. The network address can be its own domain name, the external network port is 80.

    • 4. Test the website. After the nat123 mapping succeeds, the web address is used to access the website, which normally indicates the success of the publishing site.

    • Phpstudy How to modify port and Site directory (www directory)


      I test, the path of the site directory if there are Chinese characters, will cause an exception, such as Apache can not start!

      Therefore, it is recommended that the path, folder name do not appear in Chinese.

      Phpstudy How to modify the port, how to modify the Site directory (www directory),

      Operations such as:

      Text description: "Other options Menu"-phpstudy Settings-port general settings, access to the interface can be modified.

      After the changes, click the "Apply" button,

      It is best to restart the Apache server in the Phpstudy.

    • phpstudy:80 or 3306 Port occupancy solution
      • Views: 803
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      • Updated: 2015-07-20 09:33

      On the internet to find a variety of methods, said to use the command to view the occupied port software, stop it, I found that my port is occupied by the system process, and this process is not over.

      • Phpstudy
      1. 1

        Open Phpstudy, open port general settings

      2. 2

        Which of these two ports will be occupied.

      3. 3

        Restart Phpstudy, solve all problems

    • I was suggesting the mistake.

    • Error Info: Can ' t Connect MySQL Server (localhost:3306)!

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