Please php+ajax upload An example of the image! Use the files, click <a href= "" > Upload image </a>, pop-up Select this map

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Find an instance of Php+ajax upload image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Using files, click Upload Image, Pop-up Select this map
The use of files, click Upload Pictures, pop-up selection of local image box, select Click OK, then call upload image, and return the image after uploading the path

First, the local file selection this you are on the Internet a lot is (ie only support), and then the file upload as if not through Ajax, only similar to Ajax, such as the IFRAME Way
Isn't that right? DZ itself provides this upload function, just use it wherever you need it.
The simple one is to hide a file,a analog file click and upload it in the IFRAME.

You can try swfupload.
This example is everywhere ...


PHP classes not registered users seem to be unable to download, registration will be automatic mail subscription--and consider whether to register

A lot of similar class in other places, search
Find a ready-made change.

I remember Ajax is not able to pass files, just make it look like Ajax, actually generated an IFRAME what

Recommended SWFUpload, can be bulk upload
Pure Ajax upload, without iframe/swf may only FF can achieve ... Oh
function Showup () {

Use Normal style
$ (' #mood_msg_menu '). CSS (' Display ', ' block ');. Position ()
var LeftPos = $ ("#tu"). Offset (). left+15;
var Toppos = $ ("#tu"). Offset (). top+20;

Get position and decide where to pop up the emoji box
$ (' #upload '). CSS (' left ', leftpos+ ' px ');
$ (' #upload '). CSS (' top ', toppos+ ' px ');
$ (' #upload '). Show (' normal ');
$ (' #mood_add ').
if ($ (' #mood_face_bg ')) {$ (' #mood_face_bg '). Remove ();
var moddiv = ' '
$ (' #baseParent '). Append (Moddiv);

Specifically, you can see the insert image of Weibo
I'm using a flash upload that I wrote myself.
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