Pre-development of Android project (i)

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Let Android into my life!

The previous period of time has been busy, the project rush time on-line, time tight, task heavy, daily overtime, also engaged in three night, finally in accordance with the leadership requirements, ensure that the project on-line, now easy

Down, a day of nothing to dry, spare time, want to develop their own work to summarize, feel quite harvested, summed up as follows, to share with you, hope to bring you some

Help! Welcome to comment, Welcome to share, welcome to the collection!

1: Before the development of the project, we must fully understand the project all the interface requirements, to achieve the interface need to use which components, such as the current Android applications are particularly popular round

Icon, listview on slide loading, drop-down refresh, Baidu positioning, all kinds of sharing, ListView dynamic Loading network pictures and so on all the needs, before application development, must design all

UI controls to ensure the smoothness of post-project development

2: Circular picture suggest you use the Universal-image-loader library, do not use Circularimage, Roundedimageview, and other custom controls, because these custom controls

When loading a picture with a particularly small resolution, a black border will appear, and must be present, this problem test will be a bug, cannot be resolved, if the late replacement that will cause a lot of work

3: Global injection exception Handling class Crashhandler, in its own application to start, this exception handling class is very useful, there will be some strange time later, the bug, and

For even now, it is difficult to detect the cause of the bug, some exception handling class logging, will greatly save us the time to find the cause of the bug, because the log is always recorded, only

There is a bug, there will be log records, very convenient

Pre-development of Android project (i)

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