Precautions when using the $.ajax

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Do PHP inevitably touch js, I also like this, when using AJAX, I am more accustomed to using $.ajax ({}), this way, because of the strong general. Sometimes less use JS, after a period of time to use, some of the details are easy to obscure, this time, I forgot more parameters when the format of the data, so Baidu search, found:


data sent to the server. is automatically converted to the request string format. The GET request will be appended to the URL. View the ProcessData option description to disallow this automatic conversion. Must be a key/value format. if an array, JQuery automatically corresponds to the same name for the different values. such as {foo:["bar1", "Bar2"]} converted to ' &foo=bar1&foo=bar2 '.

$.ajax({   type: "POST",   url: "some.php",   data: "name=John&location=Boston",   success: function(msg){     alert( "Data Saved: " + msg );   }});
上面示例data部分也可以这样写:data: {name:"John",location:"Boston"}。这二个用法有什么区别?
今天在开发中发现二者用法的细微差别。第一种我们用url传参,参数里面如果加带"&"这个符号的话,可能参数接收不到或不完整,如“ data: "name=John&location=Boston",”,
但如果用data: {name:"John",location:"Boston"}这种方式写的话就不需要进行转义,如果转义的话,接收的将是转义后的字符串


Precautions when using the $.ajax

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