Professional website How to judge the quality of the competitor's website?

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Professional Website ConstructionAs a marketing site construction company's SEO staff, we do the most is the optimization of the site, that before we take over each project we are to their industry is not aware of the level of competition, then we need to do is to analyze the industry's website is the competitor's website, See how they are optimized, how to improve the ranking of the site on the home page, how to judge the quality of the competitor's website?

As a construction station company will have a lot of different industries of customers, that some customers will operate also put in our construction station company, that also have a lot of companies in the construction of the site will do their own operations to do their own optimization, in the previous period of time there is a customer asked to make a new Web site how to do the operation, That is the small part of the answer it, we can refer to the peer site to see how they do the operation to do optimization work, how to judge the competitor's website so as to absorb its good?

First, look at the layout of website keywords
In the professional website to make a good site after the first step is to select keywords and then according to its method layout in the various pages of the site, if a site keyword layout of good words in the future optimization work above is a big advantage, the most basic point is to follow the advice of webmaster tools to layout, The title cannot be more than the number of words, and the following description whether there are occurrences of keywords. For the keyword layout of their own site, the minimum title and description should be organized at least to make sense, by the way into one to two key keywords is preferred.

Second, the overall structure of the site framework, page design is consistent with user experience
Shenzhen to do the website after reading the key words we need to see is the overall structure of the site framework, generally do a good site page design is very regular, such as customers come in the most concerned about the site is the product page, that a good site will put the product in the second position of navigation, The goal is to allow customers to find the products they need in the first time. This is a focus of the user experience.

Third, the station in the article update whether the original
A site to do a good job station optimization is crucial, and the station optimization work is the most important is the update of the article, a website can be on the Internet, in search engines to get good rankings and multi-user awareness, the original content of the site is a crucial issue, A good website in its article update content must be original.

The analysis of the external chain of the website
Work into a network of small series after the above three points will be to analyze the external chain of competitors, because we all know that the site optimization is nothing more than internal optimization and external optimization, that internal optimization do know how to do after the external optimization, that is what we often say is the outside chain, We can look at the opponent's website on which platform to do outside the chain, if to attract search engines to crawl the site.

That professional website design in the analysis of the competitor's website, we can according to its advantages to develop a SEO plan for their own website, such as the selection and layout of key words, the update of the article, do a good user experience, every week regularly to change some links, That about the chain of friends link this piece of work into a network of small pieces here suggest you can follow each other's friend chain to find, so you can save a large part of the time, this method is also good oh, the site is the most important is to do a good user experience this piece, so that your customers in the shortest possible time to find what they want, Leave a good user experience to the customer. That way to become a network of small to tell you, the most important thing is to practice it, do these work is the most significant.

Professional website How to judge the quality of the competitor's website?

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