ProftpdFTP server configuration under Ubuntu12.04

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ProftpdFTP server configuration operating system Ubuntu12.0464bitserverLTS solution 1: local file authentication 1. install the software package apt-getinstallproftpdproftpd-docproftpd-mod-mysqlProftpdFTP server configuration similar to the apache configuration file style, the configuration file is/etc/proftpd/proftp.

Proftpd FTP server configuration

Operating system Ubuntu 12.04 64bit server LTS
Solution 1: local file Authentication
1. install the software package
Apt-getinstall proftpd-doc proftpd-mod-mysql

The configuration of the ProftpdFTP server is similar to that of the apache configuration file. The configuration file is/etc/proftpd. conf.

2. Create an ftpuser user for the virtual user to log on to the system.

3. Create a master FTP directory

Chownftpuser. ftpuser/var/ftpdir

4. Create a virtual user
Ftpasswd -- passwd -- file =/etc/proftpd/passwd/ftpd. passwd -- name = test -- uid = 1001 -- gid = 1001 -- home =/var/ftpdir/beijing/-- shell =/usr/sbin/nologin

5. modify the configuration file

DefaultRoot ~ Log on to the user's home directory by default.
UseEncodingUTF-8 GBK prevents Internet Explorer, resource manager file garbled artifacts
AllowRetrieveRestarton download resume
RequireValidShell off do not require a valid shell
PathDenyFilter \. exe $ restrict the format of uploaded files
PS: Limit usage in proftpd
Most of the operations we use may be the use of Limit. Limit has the following actions, which can basically cover all permissions.
CMD: ChangeWorking Directory change Directory
MKD: Directory Creation permission for MaKeDirectory
RNFR: ReNameFRom
DELE: DELEte permission for deleting objects
RMD: ReMoveDirectory permission for deleting Directories
RETR: RETRieve permission for downloading data from the server to the client
STOR: The permission for STORe to upload data from the client to the server.
READ: READ Permission, excluding the column directory permission, equivalent to RETR, STAT, etc.
WRITE: permission to WRITE files or directories, including MKD and RMD.
DIRS: whether to allow column directories, which is equivalent to LIST, NLST, and other permissions. It is more practical.
ALL: ALL Permissions
LOGIN: permitted to log on
Objects applied to the above Limit include the following
The Limit allowed by AllowUser for a user
DenyUser's Limit for a user
The Limit allowed by AllowGroup for a user group
DenyGroup's Limit for a user group
AllowAll Limit allowed for all user groups
DenyAll indicates the Limit forbidden by all users.
The maximum speed is:
TransferRateSTOR | RETR speed (Kbytes/s) for the user
Solution 2: MYSQL Database Authentication

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