Project launch of "University Circle website"

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Project launch of "University Circle website"

    • First, preface

The team's "University Circle" project was officially launched. While the programme design book covers a wide range of business, the entire project

around the "Internet + Community" model, core Business is the collection and analysis of "takeaway" shopping and big data.

    • II. Catalogue of programme design books

(Please refer to our team's GitHub for details)

    • III. Project Development Plan

Due to the large number of projects, the team decided to take the surrounding shops as a starting point, the first to complete the user on the platform to purchase the necessary series of

Features, the development of this feature is divided into three sprint cycles, following the planning and arrangement for the development of the shopping function:

(1) 11.14~11.23

① Write proposal Design book (all members of the team to discuss together, complete together).

② needs analysis (all members of the team discuss together).

③ compose the functional requirements document (Project Manager completes the outline and template, the crew fills in the module content according to the module division, the specific module task will be posted in the Kanban).

④ Complete the blog update (Product Manager).

⑤ the management of GitHub during the completion of the process (admin Asst).

(2) 11.27~12.10

① deploy the project framework and compose the deployment document (Project Manager).

② Design Interface prototype (all members).

③ design the foreground HTML page while expanding the background management feature development (front and back end developers).

④ integration between front and back to achieve page-to-data interaction (front, backend developers).

⑤ Complete the blog update (Product Manager).

⑥ the management of GitHub during the completion of the process (admin Asst).

(3) 12.10~12.15

① complete the project functional level testing work (all members).

② completes the deployment of the server and the project Manager on the beta version.

    • IV. Staffing arrangements
    1. Liang: Project manager and back-end development engineer, responsible for project development and deployment, back-end Function development in this project.
    2. Zuanghao: UED (Product interaction Designer, user Experience Division) and front-end development engineer, in this project is responsible for the project front-end page design, user experience optimization and other work.
    3. Gui: admin Asst (Administrative Assistant), the main responsibility of this project is the management of the progress, GitHub management and other work.
    4. Zhang Yaohai: Product manager, in this project, the main responsibility for product positioning, implementation strategy design and blog update work.
    5. All personnel: Participate in product design proposal book, function demand book, interface prototype, function test and so on.
    • V. Kanban

Kanban content including specific development tasks, burndown charts, etc., will be published in the next Srint1 blog and continuously updated.

Project launch of "University Circle website"

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