Publish in house app with Enterprise certificate

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Apple Enterprise Certificate, although not on the App store, but can be implemented on the Web page directly click on the download, and do not need to know the device Udid, reasonable use of the words is very convenient. Published in this way yesterday, this article summarizes the steps

First, when you export in Xcode, you see 3 options:

The first one is to be submitted to the App Store, the second is to play an IPA, and then it can be installed via itunes, and the third is the Enterprise edition of IPA, which can be installed directly through the web. This way of publishing is also called

Here are the steps to publish the In house app

Apply for Apple Enterprise Development Account

The website is: Enterprise program, one year $299

After the application, but also in the background configuration appid,certificates,profiles, etc.

Modify the Xcode configuration

The main need to configure 2 places, the first is the general team, configured as Enterprise Program team, this step is generally not forgotten

The other is a relatively easy place to omit, you need to configure code Signing in build settings

After configuring OK, you will be able to type in the House Way IPA package

Set up download links

With IPA, it can be placed on the Web page, but also need a plist file, must be the same name as IPA

The core download link is simple:

HTML code
    1. <a href=' Itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url= Name.plist '> Click Install </a>

Plist is not automatically generated from xcode6 and needs to be edited manually. Similar content:

HTML code
  1. <? XML version= "1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <! DOCTYPE plist Public "-//apple//dtd plist 1.0//en" "Http://">
  3. <plist version="1.0">
  4. <dict>
  5. <key>items</key>
  6. <array>
  7. <dict>
  8. <key>assets</key>
  9. <array>
  10. <dict>
  11. <key>kind</key>
  12. <string>software-package</string>
  13. <key>url</key>
  14. <string></string>
  15. </dict>
  16. <dict>
  17. <key>kind</key>
  18. <string>full-size-image</string>
  19. <key>needs-shine</key>
  20. <true/>
  21. <key>url</key>
  22. <string></string>
  23. </dict>
  24. <dict>
  25. <key>kind</key>
  26. <string>display-image</string>
  27. <key>needs-shine</key>
  28. <true/>
  29. <key>url</key>
  30. <string></string>
  31. </dict>
  32. </Array>
  33. <key>metadata</key>
  34. <dict>
  35. <key>bundle-identifier</key>
  36. <string>app bundle ID</string>
  37. <key>bundle-version</key>
  38. <string>1.0.0</string>
  39. <key>kind</key>
  40. <string>software</string>
  41. <key>title</key>
  42. <string>your app name</string>
  43. </dict>
  44. </dict>
  45. </Array>
  46. </dict>
  47. </plist>

The plist must then be accessed through the HTTPS protocol. If it is HTTP, there will be an error message, "The app cannot be installed because the certificate for XXX is not available". Then the Web site's server certificate, and cannot be a self-signed certificate, must be a CA-issued certificate, or it cannot be installed successfully. So also need to find a way to get a certificate, you can buy one, you can also go to apply for a free

Publish in house app with Enterprise certificate

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