Push URLs to mobile phones at KitKat (Android 4.4.2)

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The weak will not shy away from the problem.

Recently want to push the URL to the mobile phone to achieve background download, plan to repeat the same trick, SMS transmission and then interrupt the broadcast method for covert transmission. Tried for a half day to find out how to stop texting now. Check it out. Android4.4 added a security mechanism, only the default SMS application can interrupt the broadcast, silent send and so on.

Check again, heard that one way is to use the 4.3 new app Ops to achieve interception, and then found that the 4.4.2 app ops is hidden. See the answer.


Old Chen, one of his friends can use WAP push to implement push URLs. Said to use the signaling layer of some transmission mode, UDP transmission, compared to the bottom, will not be recognized by the system. I checked the WAP push and the text message really seems to be different, but still do not understand. He seems to say that his friends can build the platform and provide the relevant APIs. He asked who used to learn communication I said I used to learn communication ... But learning to understand is totally different.

I have another idea, like the previous version of the method of updating, a JSON file on the server, each time the network broadcast sent to check that the site has been updated, updated on the download. But of course it's not a "push". Never mind, I'm going to try it before Lao Chen decides to adopt that pit-daddy method.

July 26th, Larry

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