Quick Create Site 1. Website Management platform WordPress & Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Introduction

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In the eyes of ordinary people, the creation of the site is a professional developer and it engineers to complete the task, and in the highly developed IT industry today, especially the various web site management platform and cloud computing maturity, this has become a very simple thing. You may not know how to write code, what is a server, domain name or network, and with some right tools, you can do it.

The Quick Create Site series blog (video) was born in this context, and as a program ape who has worked in the software industry for 10 years, my dream is to make it skills a common and quick master of life skills, making many seemingly complex things easier. With this series of blogs and videos, we hope to help you understand the secrets behind the site and create your own personal blogs or more complex websites. By the way, the blog site you see now is created by the process shown in this article (video).

Personal blog for self-transfer: http://anb.io/blog/opensource-freetools-crossplatform-mvp-comcamp2015-keynote/

This series of 10 blog, I will start from scratch for you to introduce how to create a high-performance, reliable, while maintaining a simple website. Here we will use two tools: WordPress and Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform.

  • WordPress Web site Management Platform

    This is an easy-to-use, powerful website management platform. The so-called site management platform is to set up a site, content maintenance, publishing and other functions through the visual way to show, so that users can use the browser to complete text, multimedia (image/video/music, etc.) content creation, modification, release, deletion and other operations. This is a lot of management platform, the introduction of WordPress is a completely free and open source platform.

    The benefit of using a free, open-source management platform is that many developers around the world are behind you, and a lot of developers are constantly maintaining and improving the platform. At present, tens of thousands of web sites in the world using WordPress as a site management platform, so that the use of the volume for developers to provide a rich and reliable source of revenue, so that they are willing to contribute their own expansion module for everyone to use, the formation of a virtuous cycle of open source ecological chain. For ordinary users of you, of course, you can also find such software developers to help complete the WordPress site creation, but because this platform has been very mature, you can run the site at the beginning of a certain learning to do their own initial erection work When you find that you need to do something that must be coded to achieve, then turn to the professional developer. This approach is especially well suited for startups to save costs at an early stage and run their own websites quickly to validate their ideas. This is also a reflection of the lean entrepreneurial thinking. In fact, there are more than 30,000 different types of plugins on WordPress that can help you implement a variety of functions, such as: User statistics, photo Gallery Display, page beautification, even shopping cart, payment, etc. There are very few features that really require you to encode your implementation.

    In fact, there are many sites are using WordPress, such as: Fortune fortune,  fashion magazine Vogue.

    These are all you need to know about the site management platform, if you want to know more about technical details, you can visit the WordPress Chinese official website http://cn.wordpress.org/

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform is Microsoft's 2010 cloud computing platform, and in 2014 as the first official business in China, a global cloud computing provider landed in China, in Beijing and Shanghai operating two data centers. It sounds to me that cloud computing is a tall vocabulary that experts and elites hang on their mouths, in fact, the purpose of cloud computing is to provide simple and easy-to-use computer resources for ordinary people. You can fully understand cloud computing as a bunch of servers running in the data center, where a large number of professionals serve you, and the servers you use are high-end products from major vendors. So, as a normal person you can sit on the sofa, open the browser, through a few clicks to create a high-performance server, high-reliability load-balanced clusters, databases, domain bindings and so on. And, you just pay for the resources you use, which may cost more than millions of dollars a day, but you only pay for the resources you're using, and for a small and medium-sized website, the cost per month may be hundred dollars or more, and when you don't need it, delete the resources and pay the termination. This is like a buffet, where you can choose from a variety of seafood and you only pay for the food on your plate.

    The above is the home page of Microsoft Azure cloud computing, where you can register and access the console within 10 minutes.

    Note: Automatic deployment of WordPress is not supported for the time being because of the current feature limitations of the Azure Chinese edition. If you need to try, you can sign up for Azure International. The content of this blog is done using Azure International.

    You can see the various available resources listed on the left side of the cloud console, and the resources being used on the right. The top pop-up menu shows your account status, a clear one. Creating resources is also very simple, such as:

    Click on the "New" button, enter the website address and select the data center, the site will be automatically deployed to azure in Beijing or Shanghai data Center.

It's that simple, with the right tools, we can do the work that could have worked in the past weeks in a day. You don't have to worry about reliability or security issues. Azure provides a very high level of SLA (Service level Agreement). Service level agreements are an important legal force for judging a cloud service provider's standards, and when you become an official user of Azure, this agreement takes effect and provides legal protection for your cloud computing resources.


To explain briefly, if you mention the availability of 99.9% in a service agreement, it means that your server will fail more than 9 hours per year (http://uptime.is/). What if I exceed it? It's okay to follow the SLA for Microsoft claims. You can imagine how difficult it would be to maintain a single server to achieve such an online level.

Website is not mysterious, holiday, at home free of nothing, build a website to play it. Each video not more than 15 minutes, Subway/bus/bedtime/wake up to see a period, a few days after the build station experts, find boss pay rise!

The following is a list of the blogs in this series, which will be launched:

    • 1. Website management platform WordPress and cloud computing Platform Azure Introduction (6 minutes this article)
    • 2.1 Creating websites and Web site operations on Azure (13 minutes)
    • 2.2 Domain binding operations and Azure load balancing mechanism (12 minutes)
    • 2.3 WordPress initialization and website management function (11 minutes)
    • 3.1 WordPress Data import (12 minutes)
    • 3.2 WordPress Multi-site support and Azure online Code Editor (14 minutes)
    • 3.3 WordPress Multi-language support multisite Language switcher (15 mins)
    • 3.4 WordPress Theme Installation and configuration to beautify your website (15 mins)
    • 4.1 Visual Studio Online (VSO) development platform (11 minutes)
    • 4.2 Build a DevOps environment with Visual Studio Online and Azure (13 minutes)

Please pay attention to this blog subscription number Anb-io. Weekly push content, including technology also have beer and skittles, with you to do a feeling of the program ape.

Quick Create Site 1. Website Management platform WordPress & Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Introduction

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