Quick Start tutorial recommended for Learning Swift language

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As Apple products become more and more popular, Apple's new Swift will certainly replace the OC language to a large extent. Learning Swift language is an essential skill for iOS engineers.

There are some good English version of the tutorial, it is worth learning.

1. Swift Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, you can learn some new ways to write iOS code.

2. The Swift programming Language

English Chinese

This is the official Apple of the iOS application programming language Swift's documentation, the Chinese version has been launched soon. It should be said that there is the voice of the Chinese document translation speed and the completion of the school so fast. Everyone can go and see for themselves. Information can be downloaded free of charge.

3. An Absolute beginner ' s Guide to Swift

When we talk about Apple's new programming language, there are three key factors to consider:

    • Safety

    • Modern

    • Function

If you know how it works, you will understand that the swift language does not disappoint all three of these features, and this tutorial will show you the most important things you must know before learning the swift language.

4. A Quick Start

To learn this tutorial, you need to use the latest version of Xcode. There are no programming experience requirements for Swift or OBJECTIVE-C when you are studying this tutorial. However, if you have experience with the relevant programming of Swift or OBJECTIVE-C, it will be of great help to you. This tutorial also includes many instance codes for swift languages.

5. Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift

This is a very useful tutorial for every language person who has no time but wants to learn. Although there is a lot of content in the tutorial for intermediate users, there are a lot of basic things you need to learn. You can use this tutorial to create a new Swift language application.

6. Understanding Optional in Swift

Optional is a very powerful feature in the swift language. Optional can help you save a lot of time, making coding much more readable and efficient. This tutorial teaches you to easily use some code to solve the problem.

7. Swift Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference

This tutorial will teach you to use Swift's syntax by giving you a swift starter manual and Quick reference. It covers most of the swift syntax on one page, allowing you to learn quickly. The tutorials above are also available for free download.

8. Learn Swift in Y minutes

Swift is a programming language for iOS and OS X development. It features powerful, secure and modern technology based. This tutorial will teach you all about Swift's language skills, including basics, control flow, and some important features.

9. Getting REPL in iOS8 Swift and Terminal

This quick tutorial will show you how to use swift and terminal to get the read-evaluate-print-loop. You can use swift syntax to evaluate and interact with a running application, or to write new code in a scripting environment.

Make a Custom Keyboard in IOS 8 Using Swift

Custom keyboard functionality is a useful feature for replacing system keyboard features, especially for users who often enter novel text. This tutorial introduces the basics of keyboard extensions and how to use the latest Application Extensions API in IOS8 to make Morse code keyboards.

One. Object subscripting in Swift

A subscripts (subscript) is a shortcut key that is used to access elements from a collection, sequence, or list. This tutorial is very helpful in learning how to recognize Swift. The tutorial also covers two sample types.

How do I-a simple Tableview with IOS 8 and Swift

This is a tutorial that will teach you a simple tabular view with iOS8 and swift in step-by-step. If you follow the tutorial, you will make a very nice tabular view.

Make Awesome UI components in IOS 8 Using Swift

This is a short tutorial on how to use Swift to make great user interface components in iOS8. This tutorial is very helpful for people looking for ways to learn swift.

Swifting Around

This is a more challenging tutorial for making a table view under Swift+ios8. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom cell type. This tutorial will also show you some of the features of Swift and how to use it correctly.

. Swift Cheat Sheet

Swift Quick Reference Manual A short guide to Apple's new programming language. The purpose of this guide is to teach you to learn all the key features of Swift language, including strings, arrays, dictionaries and flow control. You can read or download PDF files online.


Swift is a new programming language for writing IOS and OS X apps. Swift combines the advantages of C and objective-c and is not limited by C compatibility. Swift uses a secure programming model and adds a lot of new features, which makes programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. Swift is based on a mature and beloved Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework, and its advent will redefine software development.

As an independent launch of Apple's supported development language, there have been a number of application demonstrations and collaborative development company testing, I believe it will be more widely used in the future. In a sense, swift, as Apple's new business strategy, will attract more developers to get started, increasing the number of apps that the App Store and Mac store are already strong.

Swift combines the essence of modern programming language with the wisdom of Apple's engineer culture. The compiler optimizes performance and the programming language optimizes development, with both the fish and the paws. Swift can be used to develop small programs such as "Hello, world" or to develop a complete set of operating systems. All of these features make Swift a worthwhile investment for both developers and Apple.

Swift is a great way to write IOS and OS X applications and will continue to evolve with new features and functionality. We have confidence in Swift, what are you waiting for!

English reference from: Learn Fast with these Apple Swift tutorials. This article is compiled by the original thinking, part of the deletion. Please correct me if the translation is wrong.

Quick Start tutorial recommended for Learning Swift language

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