"Flask Web Development" NOTE 2: Template---inheritance, bootstrap

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Preface: Today re-combed the front-end aspects of knowledge, found that learning things or to use, otherwise forget fast, nonsense not much to say, start!!

I. Template inheritance

1. Concept: The book says, template inheritance, like the inheritance on Python; in fact, the individual feels the same as all inheritance.

2. Application scenario: When we write a series of similar Jinja template, we find that we are always doing some useless operation, {percent} This thing knocks very tired, this time need to introduce template inheritance;

3. Example:

Step 1. First create a template, as a ' base class ';


<HTML><Head>{% block head%}<title>{% block title%} {% Endblock%}-My Application</title>{% Endblock%}</Head><Body>{% block body%}{% endblock%}</Body></HTML>

Step 2. Define another sub-template, inheriting the "base class";


{% extends "jilei.html"%}{% block title%}index{% endblock%}{% block head%}{{super ()}} < style > </ style > {% endblock%}{% block body%} < H1 > Hello, world!. </ H1 > {% Endblock%}

The emphasis here is {%block title%}/{%block head%}/{%block body%} in the sub-template to write the one that will be written, do not write, then render_template (' jicheng.html ') on the line ; A simple template inheritance is over.

Split Line


Two. Bootstrap

1. Application scenario: Bootstrap at present very popular, may in many projects will encounter, oneself also did Bootstrap's webpage, very convenient, the effect is also good

2. Example:

Step 1:pip Install flask-bootstrap installation environment;

Step 2: After the environment is installed, you can assume that we have a parent template (see. py source code)

Step 3: After you have the parent template, you need to create a child template inheritance;

Sub-Template: moban.html

{% extends "bootstrap/base.html"%}//This is the self-brought template of bootstrap after the environment is installed {% block title%}flasky{% endblock%}{% Block NavBar %}<Divclass= "NavBar navbar-inverse"role= "Navigation"><Divclass= "Container"><Divclass= "Navbar-header"><Buttontype= "button"class= "Navbar-toggle"Data-toggle= "Collapse"Data-target= ". Navbar-collapse"><spanclass= "Sr-only">Toggle Navigation</span><spanclass= "Icon-bar"></span><spanclass= "Icon-bar"></span><spanclass= "Icon-bar"></span></Button><aclass= "Navbar-brand"href="/">Flasky</a></Div><Divclass= "Navbar-collapse collapse"><ulclass= "Nav navbar-nav"><Li><ahref="/">Home</a></Li></ul></Div></Div></Div>{% endblock%}{% block content%}<Divclass= "Container"><Divclass= "Page-header"><H1>Hello, {{name}}!</H1></Div></Div>{% Endblock%}

Step 4: Write Python to invoke

From flask import flask,render_template,url_forfrom flask_bootstrap Import Bootstrapapp = Flask (__name__) Bootstrap = Bootstrap (APP) @app. Route ('/') #定义路由def index (): #视图函数        return render_template (' index.html ') # Read the TempData folder in the Jinja2 template to find the result of the previous run of this. py file;    pass@app.route ('/user/<name>  ') #动态路由def User (name):        return render_template (' extend.html ', name=name)    passif __name__ = = ' __ Main__ ':  #启动服务器    app.run (debug = True)   #debug = True debug mode   

It's so simple ~ ~

"Flask Web Development" NOTE 2: Template---inheritance, bootstrap

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