"Go" How do I set the channel for the wireless router for the best WiFi experience?

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Now with the development of mobile Internet, the popularization of mobile terminal, WiFi is becoming more and more necessary, so the wireless router has become almost a staff. Every day we live in the radiation of WiFi, each search WiFi will find a nearby dozens of or even hundreds of WiFi signal, along with the more and more WiFi, the traditional router setup seems too silly. Let's talk about the channel settings.

    • Router, Android phone, WiFi Analyzer app

  1. What is a channel? Wireless network signals in the air with electromagnetic waves, his frequency is 2.4~2.4835ghz, and these bands are divided into 11 or 13 channels (802.11B/G network standard, normal routing is this standard). In my DLink wireless router, there are 13 channels to choose from. In general, the default channel is "6" or "automatic", which can be used in a single wireless network environment, but if it is within the coverage of multiple wireless networks, the wireless router uses the default channel "6", will certainly have a conflict, affecting the performance of the wireless network.

  2. Enter (some routers are, enter the username password (default is all admin), enter the router settings, find the wireless channel (channel). Note: The figure is a changed value.

  3. Here's a key step, how do we know which channels are used by our neighbors ' WiFi signals? At this time we need to use an Android phone on a sharp weapon App:wifi Analyzer (each of the DA Zhuo market should be able to search). After the download is installed.

  4. Turn on your mobile WiFi and connect to your router's WiFi, which is a prerequisite for using this app. Then open the app. , seemingly very high-end data analysis screen appears before. The surrounding WiFi signal strength, channel distribution and other information at a glance.

  5. Click on the upper right corner of the eye icon, switch to "channel rating", choose their own wifi, this time the app automatically recommended the best channel for you, the more asterisks, the better the channel, the less interference!

  6. According to the recommended channel, we should choose the top 13 or 14, but if the router does not have 13, 14, we can only as I above the choice of the top 11. Similarly, if the recommended is 1, 2, 3 to select the Channel 1, the least interference. You don't see the inner interval, the more overlapping the interference, so the least interference is the least.

  7. 7

    Back to the router settings, according to the channel recommended by the app to fill the channel, save restart the router, done!

"Go" How do I set the channel for the wireless router for the best WiFi experience?

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