"Go" how to detect the WiFi signal strength? --Good

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When we use WiFi, in some corners there will be no wifi signal, or sometimes no state.

Today we're going to use a piece of software to help you test the WiFi signal strength.

    • Notebook
    • WirelessMon.exe Software
    1. 1

      Open your browser and search for "WirelessMon.exe" software

    2. 2

      In the search results, select a WirelessMon.exe to start downloading the software

    3. 3

      Or enter the Baidu network disk download.

      , please look at the precautions.

    4. 4

      After the software download is complete, unzip the file package.

      This software is not installed and can be used directly.

    5. 5

      Double-click WirelessMon.exe "file to start the software

    6. 6

      After the software starts, waits for the software to load the network card, and detects.

    7. 7

      If you wait for a while, the software still cannot check the WiFi data, you can click "Reload network card"

      If your computer does not have a wireless card, you will not be able to use this software.

    8. 8

      Now we look at the intensity of the perimeter WiFi signal

      The smaller the number, the stronger the WiFi intensity.

    9. 9

      By detecting the intensity of the WiFi signal, we can move the router or expand it to enhance the WiFi signal strength.

    • Software Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nt80Stz
    • The computer needs a wireless card

"Go" how to detect the WiFi signal strength? --Good

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