"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio opening

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"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Trail Series" Chapter Index

"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio opening

A brief introduction to Vitamio

For the development of media players, Android provides built-in Videoview components and MediaPlayer components, but with limited functionality and performance. And the famous VLC function is slightly more complex, not suitable for rapid development.

Here first, about VLC media Player Upper application source parsing and the underlying source parsing of the related series of courses, will be given later, interested students can focus on the follow-up blog.

Back to the point, today is to introduce the domestic media broadcast open source Framework Vitamio,vitamio is a multimedia framework that supports all Android devices. Vitamio works in the same way as Android's default MediaPlayer, but includes more powerful features.

Vitamio official website

Vitamio GitHub Project Address

Two Vitamio function 2.1 network protocol

Vitamio supports the following protocols for audio and video playback:

    • MMS
    • RTSP (RTP, SDP)
    • HTTP streaming (progressive streaming)
    • HTTP Live Streaming (m3u8), Android 2.1+
2.2 Media formats

Vitamio integrates a number of audio and video decoding packages, some of which are listed here compared to Android's built-in default media format:

    • Divx/xvid
    • Wmv
    • flv
    • Ts
    • rmvb
    • mkv
    • mov
    • m4v
    • Avi
    • mp4
    • 3gp
2.3 Subtitle Format

Vitamio supports displaying some built-in or external subtitle formats:

    • Ubrip (. srt)
    • Sub Station ALPHA (. SSAS)/Advanced sub Station shift Wiki
    • Alpha (.)
    • SAMI (. Smi/.sami)
    • MicroDVD (. Sub/.txt)
    • SubViewer2.0 (. Sub)
    • MPL2 (. Mpl/.txt)
    • Matroska (. mkv) Subtitle Track
2.4 Other features
    • Background playback
    • Multi-track support
    • Multi-subtitle support, including internal or external
    • Multi-platform Processor optimization
    • Adjustable length-to-width ratio
    • Automatic text encoding

"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio opening

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