"Go" VMware Converter migrating Linux system virtual machines

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Today received a demand, the migration of a Linux business system to the vcenter Cloud management platform, which encountered some problems, so the troubleshooting, this process with you to share, the following the whole steps to explain.

1. First, log on to the VMware Converter Server and open the VMware Converter Standalone tool, as shown in 1.1.

Figure 1.1 Converter Management interface

2. Left click on the conversion computer option in the upper left corner of the interface, select the computer with the source type powered on, enter the remote computer information, including IP, username, password, operating system information, 1.2.

Figure 1.2 Conversion System

3. Due to "unable to access the source computer through SSH" error, resulting in the inability to access the remote computer, the first to resolve the error, the method is as follows, log on to the Redhat host, run the command to view the SSH status, if not open, with/etc/init.d/sshd start to open, As shown in 1.3.

Figure 1.3 Changing the SSH service status

4. Fixed SSH error, conversion window Select Next, prompt converter security Warning, select Connect to remote host ip,1.4 shown.

Figure 1.4 Security Warning

5. Next set the target system parameters, fill in the Server (vCenter) IP address and administrator account and password, 1.5 is shown.

Figure 1.5 Target system settings

6. The same " ignore " prompt continues to use the current certificate, as shown in 1.6.

Figure 1.6 Certificate Warning

7. In the, you need to name the converted virtual machine, and select the virtual machine to be converted to the Vcenter Cloud management platform, which is located in the list of VMS, as shown in 1.7.

Figure 1.7 Target Virtual machine

8. When the virtual machine inventory is selected, the next step is to select the cluster manifest you are in, so you can place it in the cluster in the admin area, and on the right side of the window select the shared LUN where the datastore resides, as shown in 1.8.

Figure 1.8 Target Location

9. After the above parameters are set, the converted Linux virtual machine basic information is shown in 1, 9.

Figure 1.9 Option Information

10. With emphasis, the options within the red box need to be edited, such as edits to the data to be copied , usually into the edit, and the disk type from post-provisioning to refinement , as shown in 1.10.

Figure 1.10 Data editing

11. There is also a very important editing option setting that does not set this item directly causes the Linux virtual machine migration to fail, which is the Assistant virtual Machine network configuration , as shown in 1.11.

Figure 1.11 Assistant Virtual Machine

"The setup of this assistant virtual machine is a very interesting question."

As described in the vmware-converter5.0 Installation Guide, the functionality has been defined so that Converter Standalone will create an assistant virtual machine on the target when converting a Linux computer that is already started. The assistant virtual machine needs to have network access to the source computer to clone the source files. The default conversion setting forces the IPV4 address and DNS server to be automatically acquired for the assistant virtual machine, but you can set up this network connection manually.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone User ' s Guide said:

When you convert a powered-on to Linux machine, Converter Standalone creates a Helper Vsan on the destination. The Helper virtual machine needs network access to the source machine to clone the source files. Default conversion settings enforce automatic acquisition of an IPV4 address and a DNS server for the Helper virtual machi NE, but can set up the this network connection manually.

Both of the above definitions, mentioned in the Assistant virtual network configuration, you need to create an assistant virtual machine, to have network access, and I in the migration, set up just a interoperability but no virtual machine used IP address, that is, this place only need to set up a network of free IP.

The Chinese document also mentions that during the conversion process, Converter Standalone will copy data from the source Linux computer to the assistant virtual machine using the IP address and DNS server that you specify. "If the assistant virtual machine is just an IP address, this working principle makes people more puzzled, we can test it when we are free."

12. To the next step, after the summary information appears, confirm the error, click Finish to perform the conversion, as shown in 1.12.

Figure 1.12 Conversion tasks

Linux V2V conversion is here, I hope you have questions can reply to the discussion.

"Go" VMware Converter migrating Linux system virtual machines

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