"iOS and EV3 Hybrid Robot Programming Series II" 工欲善其事, its prerequisite (preparation)

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in the previous article, we discussed the possibilities of robot development after the combination of iOS and EV3. So, do you want to get together and hacking?
to be able to complete the project I am going to talk about next. We need to make the following preparations:

1. A Mac performs more than 3 operating systems on Mac OS X 10.9.

2, Xcode6.

This is the development tool for iOS on Mac. We'll use Xcode to write all the project programs.

3, one or two iOS devices, iphone or ipad are ok. In fact, you'd better have two iOS devices. As the final project, the iphone will be put together with the EV3 robot. And with an iOS device to view and control.

4. Increase the iOS Developer program (iOS Developer programs) with a developer account, and you will be able to achieve a real machine test! Otherwise, if it's only done on Mac's iphone simulator, we won't be able to use the gyroscope on the iphone's real machine. Cameras and other sensors. It is important to note that this developer program requires you to spend 99 of us knives and use the term for only one year!

5, one or two sets of EV3 robots. In the same way, we'd better have two sets so that we can experiment with an iphone to connect and control two robots at the same time!

6, NetGear WNA1100 WiFi Dongle only have this model of network card talent adaptation EV3, in this book all the items we will be through Wifi to achieve iOS and EV3 connection!

The above list is just hardware preparation.

Can see, to play iOS and EV3 robot, still need very big investment.

But instead of having these hardware, you can get started directly, and we need the following knowledge to prepare:

1, to EV3 already have a certain understanding, can read and write its graphic language program and execute on the EV3.

2, the development of iOS have a certain understanding, it is best to have a certain basis for programming. Familiarity with objective C and Swift is certainly better!

3, the robot project learning has a certain understanding. Of course. It is still possible to get started!

Well, with these preparations. We can move!

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"iOS and EV3 Hybrid Robot Programming Series II" 工欲善其事, its prerequisite (preparation)

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