"Share" Angel beats! Game collection (doujinshi, try, ons android, H fan)

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Angel beats! Fan RPG Game v1.0 "with BGM. Role playing game, Chinese version of "


action: "Z" menu, make sure, Key, "X" return, "Enter Return key", " ↑ ↓ ← → "Walking keys."

Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157758

angelplan! ver.0 Demo version " with voice and BGM, Chinese version "


Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157749

Angel beats! Trackzero Demo Version "BGM, Chinese version "


download Address of the Chinese version: http://www.400gb.com/file/81165097

Download the Japanese version of the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157757

ONS Android Experience Edition " There is a language, BGM, good painting, Chinese version "

Preview Map:

Angel Beats ONS Experience _ Chinese (PC version of ONS emulator)

Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81219388?

"ONS computer simulator".

Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157753

"ONS Bakery mine computer simulator"

Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157754

Note: Computer version above two ONS simulator, keyboard "F" key to switch fullscreen and windows. The "Ctrl" key is like PC games, fast forward to the game text function.

Android version:

Onscripterv Simulator

: http://www.400gb.com/file/65145486

Bakery Workshop Mine final version V3.0.3

: http://www.400gb.com/file/66220103

Bakery Mine V3.0.2

: http://www.400gb.com/file/66473623

Bakery Workshop Mine final version

A flash-back solution appears:

1. Confirm whether the game directory has APK installation version of the file, all of them have been deleted.

2. After the flash back, the game folder should appear a stderr.txt, delete.

3. Uninstall the Reload simulator and try again.

4. No more, change version, change V3.0.2 version.

Angel l beats! ~ Angel Multi-めであれこれと~ "No pronunciation, no BGM." Good painting, mouse click game, Japanese version "

This game is really hard to find, the country valgus wall for a long time to find, or in a friend helped to get.

Preview Map:

Download the address: http://www.400gb.com/file/81157755

Note: This game originally only HTM mouse to click on the game, some Japanese,

1. Can be copied to the VNR "test machine translation" to translate the Chinese language

2. Or just open "text reading", copy the Japanese, and translate the translation.

Use VNR to play the game, there is a way to do it. Download schematic tutorial 3 at the bottom, vnr the latest version.

Play with VNR translation

Not with VNR friends please see the illustration below for Tutorial 1, 2. Download schematic tutorial 3 at the bottom, vnr the latest version.

VNR Simplified graphic tutorial on Chinese translation of Japanese games

http://867258173.diandian.com/150421/don't delete it, okay?


"Personal Chinese Version" Ang L beats! ~ Angels are めであれこれと~, BGM. Good painting, mouse-click Game, original Chinese version of "

Preview Map:

: http://www.400gb.com/file/81205829

Note: This localization is

Based on the vnr of the machine, if there is not correct and time to notify me, Vnr bar Lord @ Prince night dress mask

Or you edit in the "HTML" folder directly, the document has been transcoded, do not worry about opening garbled problem, only in the mainland.

The above hard disk version was detected missing "b02d.html", "b02e.html" "b02f.html" three files. And some translation is not fluent. has been fixed. Please download the Chinese text below.

Ang L beats! Chinese text correction version (overwrite the game home Directory HTML folder)

: http://www.400gb.com/file/81213681

"CG" Ang l beats! ~ Angel More めであれこれと~ "1280x960

: http://www.400gb.com/file/81205832

"CG" Ang l beats! ~ Angel めであれこれと~800x600

: http://www.400gb.com/file/81205831

[150502] "Angel beats!1st beat demo Version" ab1st

Preview Map:

? VNR translation

: http://www.bego.cc/file/92152500

★ Japanese Launch Angel beats-1st beat Beta patch

: http://www.bego.cc/file/92147578

Crack the Japanese version of the Windows restriction file (RLSE_LOADER.SFX

: http://www.bego.cc/file/92152902 ?

The AB official version of the game "Angel beats!:1st beat" comes out and I'll refill again. In the waiting period, play these games first and Minatomachi River together. The above illustrated tutorial can go to see, such as "Angel beats!:1st beat" out, also raw meat is not Chinese, you can use VNR the first time to play on the game.

"Share" Angel beats! Game collection (doujinshi, try, ons android, H fan)

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