"Turn" commercial Insider (Business Insider) website recently rated the 20 most innovative technology start-up companies in the United States

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"Sohu It News" Beijing time October 12 News, Commercial Insider (Business Insider) website recently rated the 20 most innovative technology start-up companies in the United States, now listed as follows:

1. Fun Programming Website Codecademy

Founder: Zach Sims, Ryan Bubinski

Lives in New York, NY

Financing amount: $2.5 million, Union Square ventures collar.

Why: Codecademy makes learning JavaScript basic knowledge simple and interesting. The first task is to teach you to write your name in quotation marks, and the task will become more and more challenging. Codecademy has great potential in a world where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and can't find a technological genius.

2. Knowledge Mining Platform Kaggle

Founder: Anthony Goldbloom

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing Amount: First round financing of $11 million, from index Ventures, Khosla Ventures and SV Angel.

Why: NASA, Deloitte and the University of Michigan are using Kaggle, a talent pool with 17,000 PhD scientists, to solve problems and create champions models. Kaggle collects the knowledge of the world's smartest people to make a major improvement in the world, from AIDS research to tracking dark matter in outer space.

3. Skill sharing website Skillshare

Founder: Michael Karnjanaprokorn and Malcom Ong

Lives in New York, NY

Financing: $3.7 million to date, investors include Spark Capital and union Square Ventures.

Reason for inclusion: Skillshare hopes to turn each address into a classroom, where everyone can become a teacher or student. Karnjanaprokorn says New York University is a great school, but the whole New York State can be a great university. Once upon a while, a teacher is a person who teaches certain knowledge in school, and what they teach is often outdated or disjointed from reality. Skillshare has a real knowledge of practical people, and work in the corresponding fields, you can immediately transfer knowledge to the learning people.

4. Ball-type robot manufacturer Sphero

Founder: Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson

Location: Colorado State Boulder

Capital: Orbotix, the parent company, received $5 million in the second round of financing, including Foundry Group and Highway Ventures.

Reason: Sphero is a start-up business incubator TechStars, its products can be used as pets, can also be used for military purposes. Foundry Group's Brad Feld explains that Sphero is a tennis ball, built into a small robot that can be guarded around. It's a great thing for cats and dogs. Give it to a 8-year-old boy or girl and they'll love it. Sphero can also be used for military purposes.

5. Social Quiz website Quora

Founder: Adam D ' Angelo and Charlie Cheever

Lives in Palo Alto, California

Financing amount: $11 million for $86 million in valuation.

Reason for inclusion: Quora redefined the search and answer. It creates a platform where reliable industry experts are happy to respond to the questions of ordinary people and analyze what they have learned. Users can get advice from people they admire and admire, which is the only place on the Internet.

6. Mobile Trading Platform Dwolla

Founder: Ben Milne

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Funding amount: $1 million from the Veridian group and the members group in Iowa. A new round of financing is currently underway.

Reason for inclusion: At first glance, Dwolla and its strong rival, Square and PayPal, are no different, but that's not the case.

Both PayPal and square use credit card transactions. Dwolla completely bypasses the credit card. It is directly linked to the bank account (the benefit is how much money the user has to spend) and can call the money to anyone, including Facebook friends without Dwolla.

Because Dwolla does not use credit cards, there is no high transaction fee. Each transaction dwolla only 25 cents, regardless of the turnover of $1 or $1 million. The 12-person start-up company now has a monthly turnover of $30 million-$ 50 million, all from Iowa.

7. Doctor Appointment website ZocDoc

Founder: Nick Ganju, Cyrus Massoumi and Oliver Kharraz

Lives in New York, NY

Funding: $95 million to date, $50 million from DST for the third round of financing this summer.

Why: ZocDoc makes it easy to make an appointment with a doctor. The founders said the service was used by most people under the age of 25 in New York. It now operates in 11 cities across the United States and is expanding rapidly, with online bookings reaching 5.3 million and users breaking 700,000. The service is free for the user, and the doctor needs to pay $250 per month.

ZocDoc is one of the largest start-ups in New York, valued at close to $1 billion.

8, Mobile Banking platform Banksimple (now renamed Simple)

Founder: Alex Payne, Josh Reich and Shamir Karkal

Location: Created in Brooklyn, NY, and relocated to Portland

Financing: $10 million in August this year. The total amount of funding so far is close to $13 million.

Reason for inclusion: people always put money in different places, and each bank adds up to a high fee. Banksimple is to combine all the accounts into one and waive the fee by dividing the net interest of each bank. As a mobile bank, Banksimple has great potential.

9, errands website TaskRabbit

Founder: Leah Busque

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing Amount: $5 million recently financed

Reason for inclusion: TaskRabbit has a strong development momentum, which makes the workforce on demand. Create jobs and extra income for people. For example, teenagers can make nannies in their free time. People can get paid for running errands in their spare time. ABC Evening News said that TaskRabbit to solve the U.S. employment crisis to make a contribution.

10. Flower Reservation service Provider H.bloom

Founder: Brian Burkhart & Sonu Panda

Lives in New York, NY

Financing Amount: $8 million to date. This summer, we got $4.7 million from Battery ventures.

Why: People are not too cold for e-commerce ordering companies, but H.bloom does have a lot of value. Flowers will soon wither, and flowers in large establishments such as hotels and apartment buildings need to be updated frequently. Individuals can also order flowers on the h.bloom. The forgetful husband simply enters a specific date and the flowers are automatically sent to their wives. Currently H.bloom has been vertically integrated and will subvert the 32 billion-dollar scale of the flower industry.

11. Free Textbook website Boundless Learning

Founder: Aaron White, Ariel Diaz and Brian Balfour

Lives in Boston, Massachusetts

Financing amount: $1.7 million from NextView Ventures, Kepha Partners, SV Angel and founder Collective

Reason for inclusion: boundless learning tries to create free textbooks using free web content. The development potential of crowdsourcing books is great. With free and interactive alternatives, students no longer have to use traditional expensive and boring textbooks.

12. Movie Ticket Booking Application Moviepass

Founder: Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watts

Lives in New York, NY

Financing amount: Currently in financing, investors include AOL Ventures, True Ventures, Lambert Media, Moxie Pictures, Brian Lee, Diego Berdakin, J Eng, Ryan Steelberg and Adam Lilling.

Reason for inclusion: Moviepass lets users watch the movies they want to see at a fixed price. Moviepass is also a good application for those who want to attract people into the cinema. It also collects data from movie viewers. If Moviepass develops, it will surpass Fandango and other similar websites and become a new way to buy movie tickets.

13, fashion clothing wholesale platform Joor

Founder: Mona Bijoor

Lives in New York, NY

Financing amount: $2.25 million from battery Ventures, Lerer Ventures, great Oaks VC, Landis Capital, forerunner Ventures, William M. Smith and Richard Mishaan.

Reason: Before Joor, if a boutique to introduce the design brand, it will be a painful and lengthy process. It has to call the companies and finally sign the order.

Joor will make it easier to get wholesale. It works with hundreds of brands and thousands of boutiques, allowing boutiques to sign large orders on its platform and to set up multiple brands at once. Boutiques also have information pages that allow designers to see where their work is being sold.

Now Joor only fashion clothing, but it plans to expand to other areas such as home improvement. This is a good place for couples who want to attract big brands.

14. Creative Project fund raising platform Kickstarter

Founder: Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler

Lives in New York, NY

Financing amount: $10 million from Betaworks and union Square Ventures.

Reason for inclusion: Kickstarter invented a new way to inject money into the company. Before the company needs funds, will go to find friends and family, VC companies. Now Kickstarter the investment into crowdsourcing form.

15, personal user data storage platform singly

Founder: Jeremie Miller, Simon murtha-smith, Jason Cavnar

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing amount: About $2 million

Reason for inclusion: we are entering the "small Data Age". As more and more people put their own information on the Internet, the information has been destroyed and the possibility of loss. For example, if you want to find your first tweet, you probably won't find it.

Singly helps users save and organize their data. Currently it is developed only for developers and the Volkswagen-oriented version will be available in the near future.

16. Online sharing and storage platform Dropbox

Founder: Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing amount: $257.2 million

Reason for inclusion: You may not believe that the existing documents will still exist in the future, but there is no denying the innovation of Dropbox.

It makes sharing and storing files easy, with Dropbox currently valued at $4 billion.

17, three-dimensional image printing MakerBot

Founder: Bre Pettis

Lives in Brooklyn, New York

Funding: $10 million in August this year, with investors including Foundry Group, RRE, True Ventures and Jeff Bezos Bezos expeditions and more.

Reasons for inclusion: three-dimensional image printing.

18. Group blog/Debating Platform Roundtable

Founder: Josh Miller, Hursh Agrawal and Cemre Gungor

Lives in New York, NY

Financing Amount: Unknown

Reason for inclusion: Roundtable is a group blog/debate platform. Miller thinks blog posts are too fragmented and blogs are not conducive to communication. Bloggers cite other people's articles and authors in their posts, but Miller thinks it's better to bring everyone together.

Roundtable will gather five or six thought leaders to open a debate on a topic. Others can observe the debate. The current debate on roundtable is not many, but it has a wide spread. The three-time discussion alone contributed 10,000 independent visitors to the site.

19, Personal online life search engine Greplin

Founder: Daniel Gross and Robby Walker

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing amount: About $5 million

Reason for inclusion: Greplin was called the "Google Killer" when it was released, and slowly it became completely another form of search. Greplin's Search bar is fully focused on users and users ' social networking sites, which connect all of their email accounts and social profiles, and users can identify any previous conversations. Greplin is the epitome of personalized search.

20. Photo sharing app Instagram

Founder: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Lives in San Francisco, California

Financing: $7 million in February this year. Financing to date is $8 million.

Why: As a photo-sharing app, Instagram creates a Twitter-like stream of information for photos. With only half the time spent in Foursquare, Instagram downloads were up to 10 million times. By contrast, Foursquare has a much larger number of employees and the number of funds it receives than Instagram. (Keshan Mountain)

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