Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 2 generation B-type novice first experience)

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Wow , excited, New year, I in 2016, I bought a card size board, Raspberry Pi, yesterday to the goods, the night began a toss-up tour

① There is no wired network connection on the wireless network, in this need to thank one person, he provided the tutorial Duang-max? 1029086180, one of the great gods.

② Preparation Tool (Hardware):

⒈ Raspberry Pi ⒉5v 2A Power ⒊ Wireless card ⒋SD Card (CLASS10 priority) ⒌root Android Phone a 4.0+ above system support external SD card

③ Preparation Tool (software):

⒈B type supported wireless card ⒉ Android software: Fing⒊ Android software: Terminal simulator ⒋ Android software: Re manager ⒌ already Android good system SD card One (I RASPI system)

④zt Start (Mobile operation section)

Put the SD card with the system into the Android phone to make sure it is mounted properly

Open the terminal simulator with the phone, enter


, Get Permissions

Because we want to mount the SD card, so enter:

Mount-t Ext4/dev/block/mmcblk1p2/root

Open to root directory/root/directory with RE manager to see Files (empty before mounting)

Open path:/etc/wpa_supplicant/

Click the + --and root directory at the bottom of the RE manager. This creates a new label, open the data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf file in turn, long press the file to edit the file, copy the following, is the current phone link WiFi, can be identified by the SSID, such as my

Ssid= "Tp-link_aaf0"
Psd= "Xxxxxxxxx"

Priority=4 4 represents a priority, and the higher the value, the higher the priority.

Toggle tab to previous/root/etc/wpa_supplicant/, edit wpa_supplicant.conf, paste in, save and exit, open terminal emulator input:


, open the RE manager, turn off excess tags, tag with the root directory, or exit the RE manager directly

Then click on Android Phone. Settings-Storage-unmount SD card and remove SD card.

⑤zt Start (Raspberry Pi operation section)

Insert SD card, plug in wireless card, plug in power, light on

⑥JX Toss (fing software section)

This software can get the IP address of the link of the Raspberry Pi wireless network card, record the IP address, this tutorial is provided by the original author, the link is as follows: Duang-max access password 5b7e

⑦jx Toss (notebook part)

Computer Download putty, enter the fing to get the Raspberry Pi IP address, and then enter the user name and its password (not visible), you can go into the system. RESPI system Default User name is pi password is raspberrypi

⑧yy section (=. =

Tutorials are from Lofteam. Beginner's mind, unchanged

Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 2 generation B-type novice first experience)

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