React trample (a)--api react and reactdom, the consequences of unauthorized introduction of CDNJS

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Today began to learn react, the first encounter a lot of pits, spent a lot of time (of course, also spent the guidance of the Great God of my time).
It is hereby recorded that it is also convenient for someone to avoid such a situation when they step on the pit.

Chinese site and foreign official website

First of all, please speak English. Official website:
As an English poor to the extreme of the programmer small white, in front of this technology resolutely chose the Civil Service network:
But! This is a pit spot, because the technical update reason, certainly in the Chinese net version and the official website version has the gap. So in the course of the Chinese language network to hit the code, found that the result is not the same as expected, so only to see the English version of the official website code. Indeed, because of the version of the React.render () in this code, the official website is already reactdom.render (). So I changed it, ran it, ok!

The problem of introducing CDNJS library without permission

I admit that individuals are too smart about technology, but this sometimes brings me trouble, and I look at the script that was introduced into the code when I wrote the code.
At that time did not test the library can be used, I still insist that the new version will be compatible with the old versions of this said. Continue writing the code (coding ...) until the last run. This look can not, error, and then found a half-day grammar problems, did not find what is wrong, finally see the console only to find the error in the library, and then helpless and changed back. Personally, this is an issue with react and Babel-core library versions.

算了,以后还是继续照着官网学习吧  ̄□ ̄||

React trample (a)--api react and reactdom, the consequences of unauthorized introduction of CDNJS

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