Recommend a few fun mobile games

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Here are recommended a few of my personal play, think more fun mobile games to everyone, the game is the iOS platform, Android platform has no on-line, I have not verified, please readers search by themselves!

I personally prefer to play a single game, so the recommended single-machine game will be a little more, of course, online games will be a little bit!

1. Shadow Fighting 2 (Shadow Fight2)
This game is the first one on Facebook, and later transplanted to the platform, the game rhythm is slow, the first play, is the game of the picture to Marvel, very like this style of art picture, although I am just a program!

2. Monument Valley (Monument Valley)
This game does not have to say more, can only use an English word to describe: amazing

3. Atom Run Cool (atom run)
This is a recently played a game, although the Chinese translation is a fun with parkour, but still with the domestic type of parkour game has a very big difference, I think it should be a little similar to the Super Mary, the most people feel admire is: This is an Apple editor recommended list of the game, but this game is a free game, but there is no inside purchase, No ads, really really is completely free game, you need to constantly brush to unlock the next level, quite abusive heart!

4. Candy Crush Saga (Candy Crush Saga)
This game let me change the view of the three elimination game, the original three games can also do so fun!

5. Wild Racing Car (Asphalt)
Gameloft out of the masterpiece, the Traffic jam games interested in, this game will not let you down! Recently joined a number of Chinese cities, such as the track, such as The Great Wall

6, Invincible Marbles (Smash hit)
This game is a word: cool! For a bad mood, want to find a place to vent the people, is definitely a good game, the mood of the hit bar!

7, Happy bubble cat
Domestic games, the first is in the QQ space, recently transplanted to the hands of the platform, sisters love!

8. The Great ski Adventure
A masterpiece of the domestic skiing game!

9, tribal conflict, security radish, plague Company
These several games in addition to defend the radish to play many points, the other two are the word-of-mouth quite good! Interested can play a bit.

10. Legend of the turret
Home company agent of the game, of course, it is also worth recommending!
This should be I have played the only mobile online games, but also play the longest game, probably play to 70 multilevel bar!
To tell the truth, I have always been more hated domestic mobile games, because always feel that a single game to have a real game sex!
The legend of the turret at the beginning of the game, feel not so fun, back play playing, more and more like the games, every day 9, 12, 6, 9 on time will be online!

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Recommend a few fun mobile games

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