Registration Form No refresh Validation +php No refresh Refresh verification code

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NativePhpNo Refresh (verify+Refresh Verification Code)

Overview: This case has not only realized the PHP registration page Verification Code No refresh refresh function

It also realizes the non-refresh validation of the form. The effect is absolutely practical. This example is only a test sample, not database validation.

The source file is divided into 2 parts : code.php and zhuce.php.

Where the code.php file is a captcha file,thezhuce.php file is the registration page.

Gossip less, code presents.

<?Phpsession_start ();    Generate Verification Code Picture Header ("content-type:image/png"); $im = Imagecreate (44,18); Draw a picture of the specified width $back = imagecolorallocate ($im, 245,245,245); Defines the background color Imagefill ($im, 0,0, $back);    Fill the background color into the picture you just drew $vcodes = "";    Srand (Double) microtime () *1000000);     Generate 4 digits for ($i =0; $i <4; $i + +) {$font = Imagecolorallocate ($im, Rand (100,255), Rand (0,100), Rand (100,255));//Generate Random Color    $authnum =rand (1,9);    $vcodes. = $authnum;    Imagestring ($im, 5, $i *10, 1, $authnum, $font);    } $_session[' Vcode ' = $vcodes;    for ($i =0; $i <100; $i + +)//Add interfering pixels {$randcolor = Imagecolorallocate ($im, Rand (0,255), Rand (0,255), Rand (0,255)); Imagesetpixel ($im, Rand ()%70, Rand ()%30, $randcolor);    Image point Function} imagepng ($IM); Imagedestroy ($im);?><imgsrc= "code.php" /><?php echo $_session[' Vcode '];echo "211";?>
<?Phpsession_start (); if (Isset ($_post[' auth ')) {$auth = $_post[' auth '];//$test =$_post[' test '];  $error = "Incorrect verification code"; $true = "OK"; if ($_session["vcode"] = = $auth) {echo $true; Header ("location:");}   else{$tests =$_post[' test ']; echo $error;}}?> <HTML><Head> <Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8" /> </Head><title>Login</title><styletype= "Text/css"><!--#textboxs{Height:18px;width:100px;}Table{margin:0 Auto;}img{width:60px;Height:30px;}. Text{font-size:14px;vertical-align:Bottom;Color:#0000FF;}. Style1{font-size:18px;Color:#0000FF;font-family:"The Young Circle";} -</style><Scriptlanguage= "JavaScript">   functionReloadcode () {varVerify=document.getElementById ('Safecode'); Verify.setattribute ('src','code.php?'+math.random ()); //The random number must be added here, or the same address will reload .}  </Script></Head><Body><Tablewidth= "$"><TR><TDAlign= "Center"valign= "Bottom"class= "Style1"bgcolor= "#C7D3F9">Please enter a verification code</TD></TR></Table><formMethod= "POST" ><Tablewidth= "$"Border= "0"bgcolor= "C7d3f9">  <TR>    <TDclass= "text">Verification Code:</TD>    <TDAlign= "Right"valign= "Bottom"><inputtype= "text"name= "Auth"ID= "Textboxs"/></TD>  </TR><TR><TD><imgsrc= "Code.php?act=yes"Align= "Middle"ID= "Safecode"></TD></TR></Table><Tablewidth= "$"><TR><TDAlign= "Right"><inputtype= "button"value= "Verification code not clearly visible"OnClick= "Reloadcode ();"><inputname= "Submit"type= "Submit"value= "Submit"></TD></TR><TR><TD><inputtype= "text"name= "Test"value= "<?php if (Isset ($tests)) {echo $tests;}? > "></TD></TR></Table></form></Body></HTML>

About the interaction before the form submission, here do not do a detailed, interested can add my friend private chat!

Registration Form No refresh Validation +php No refresh Refresh verification code

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