[Reprint] Convert a JSON string into a JSON object

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For example:

JSON string:
var str1 = ' {' name ': ' cxh ', ' sex ': ' Man '} ';
JSON object:
var str2 = {"Name": "Cxh", "Sex": "Man"};

One, JSON string converted to JSON object

To use the above str1, you must first convert to a JSON object using the following method:

Convert from JSON string to JSON object

var obj = eval (' (' + str + ') ');


var obj = Str.parsejson (); Convert from JSON string to JSON object


var obj = json.parse (str); Convert from JSON string to JSON object

Then, you can read this:

Alert (Obj.name);

Alert (Obj.sex);

Special Note: If obj is originally a JSON object, then using the eval () function after conversion (even if multiple conversions) is a JSON object, but there is a problem with the Parsejson () function (throwing a syntax exception).

Second, the JSON object can be converted to a JSON string using tojsonstring () or global Method Json.stringify ().

For example:

var last=obj.tojsonstring (); Convert a JSON object to a JSON character


var last=json.stringify (obj); Convert a JSON object to a JSON character

alert (last);


In the above several methods, in addition to the eval () function is JS own, the other several methods are from the Json.js package. The new version of JSON modifies the API to inject json.stringify () and Json.parse () two methods into the Javascript built-in object, which becomes the object.tojsonstring (), and the latter becomes the Strin G.parsejson (). If you are prompted not to find the tojsonstring () and Parsejson () methods, your JSON package version is too low.

PS: This site also provides several powerful JSON parsing, conversion and formatting tools for everyone to choose to use, I believe that the next JSON format for everyone to data processing will be helpful:

Online JSON code inspection, inspection, landscaping, formatting tools:

Online Xml/json convert each other:

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C Language Style/html/css/json code formatting beautification tool:

[Reprint] Convert a JSON string into a JSON object

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