Resolves an issue where MySQL cannot be connected after installing XAMPP in a Linux environment

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In the Linux system, the development of PHP is generally a lamp environment, for the development environment, there is no need to spend too much energy to configure the lamp environment alone, using the XAMPP one-click installation package is a good way. The process of installing XAMPP on a Linux system does not speak here, mainly on the question of how to access the installation after it is completed.

After installation is complete, the default is only native access, if accessed through a remote browser, is not accessible. In order to achieve external access and through some third-party database visualization tools (such as navicat) connectivity, the following tasks need to be done:

1. Enter into/opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf, use Vim:set nu to add Require all granted code after 18 lines, save and exit, restart service OPT/LAMPP/LAMPP Restart, this can be accessed through an external browser xampp configuration interface, in the configuration interface to enter the phpMyAdmin option, this time the login phpMyAdmin page will be displayed (also can be directly through HTTP//your ip/ phpMyAdmin to access phpMyAdmin), log in with the root user, and the default password is empty.

2. Modify the host field of the root user in the MySQL database, change from localhost to%, restart the service, and use Navicat and other tools to connect and operate the database remotely.

Resolves an issue where MySQL cannot be connected after installing XAMPP in a Linux environment

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