RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client Configuration

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Article Title: RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client configuration. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The previous articles introduced the configuration of DNS servers (for details, see :《 DNS Server Configuration ), Since we have a server, we have to have clients to use them. The client mentioned here is the user of the DNS server, which includes personal PCs and various servers. In short, all requests sent to DNS are sent from clients.   In this article, I will talk about the DNS Client configuration in two parts: the first part is based on the linux operating system, and the second part is based on the windows operating system.   I,Linux-based DNS Client Configuration:   In Linux, the DNS server of the client is set to three files. They are '/etc/hosts';'/etc/host. conf'; '/etc/resolv. conf '.   The hosts file is mainly used for parsing internal network IP addresses, which is easy to set and easy to modify. The disadvantage is that domain names on the Internet cannot be resolved.   The/host. conf file specifies the sequence in which the resolution method is used. Generally, hosts is the first choice. You can manually change the number of files to a small number, and the query speed is fast.   The resolv. conf file is the configuration file for resolving all domain name IP addresses. The content format is one IP address occupies one line:

Nameserver Nameserver Nameserver   Note: In the first line, is the preferred IP address of the DNS server. Only when the system cannot resolve the IP address from this DNS server will the second DNS server send a query request.   Resolv. the setting of the conf file has a great impact on nslookup. The default DNS server of nslookup is resolv. if the DNS server set in the conf file is a DNS server, but it is not written in resolv. in the conf file, you cannot test the DNS server by using nslookup. conf file, but not the first DNS server, cannot be directly tested. Use the server command to change the default DNS server.   2. DNS Client configuration based on windows operating system:   In fact, this is based on the DNS Client configuration of the windows operating system Anyone who knows a little about computer configuration may use it. The following describes the specific steps:   1, Click Local Connection by using the mouse mail, and select 'properties' from the pop-up menu ',     2. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "properties", as shown in figure 




  3. Write the dns ip address to the 'preferred DNS Server' and 'backup DNS Server'. To add more DNS server addresses, you canIn the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" dialog box, click "advanced" to enable "Advanced TCP/IP Settings", for example: 

  Click the Add button under the 'dns server address (in order of use) 'box to add a new DNS server address, as shown in: 

  Click 'add', and then click 'OK' to save the close dialog box. So far,The configuration of the DNS client based on the windows operating system is complete. (Note that there is no need to add too many DNS servers, and too many DNS servers do not actually play any role ).
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