Rob Mobile E-commerce opportunity to see the sales alliance can pilot?

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In the past year time, the micro-commerce fire.

In addition to the immeasurable personal micro-business practitioners, more and more enterprises are also beginning to join the micro-business enterprise-July 2, Haier Micro-commerce platform officially launched and plans to open 30,000 micro stores in two weeks, in addition, Suning, Gome, the United States also in the "coveted" the micro-business field, other different types and different areas of the company, Also has the strength to seize the mobile e-commerce entrance.

In addition to these vendors trying to micro-commerce, some internet companies also through the alliance to seize the way of mobile e-commerce.

The "subversive" of the music vision in the marketing strategy is the introduction of "Le Vision Sales Alliance platform", that is, the joint partners in the promotion of the products of the process of music, users to obtain the corresponding promotion code to promote, after the completion of effective sales behavior can obtain the corresponding Commission. In the launch of this alliance, Le View official also provides diversion, offline Lepar experience store, ecological chain resources and other support. However, it is necessary to mention that, in view of the strong diversion capacity of the network and the current development of the market, the first wave of the Lego Sales Alliance will remain open for one months and a limit of 20,000.

New marketing for big companies: one way or the other

Large companies compete to abandon traditional marketing, and then turn to new marketing, which has both market and environmental development needs, but also the needs of enterprises to change and breakthrough. Although some manufacturers choose different purposes, but in terms of market demand, the choice of these enterprises is almost the same way.

In the field of micro-commerce, because the micro-business has a wide range of people, participation in a large number of characteristics, so the majority of Internet companies to choose the micro-business model can not only bring marketing growth, but also promote brand and PR communication. Most importantly, the micro-business model does not need to invest too much, so the majority of manufacturers are competing to choose the micro-business model of decision-making, naturally also reasonable.

But the choice of Sales Alliance platform is based on the vision of the ecosystem as the starting point-Le Vision has now enjoyed a complete ecological chain, hardware platform and software entrance, content entrance, in addition, in the Super TV and Super mobile phone product line, le View currently enjoys the reputation and brand reputation, is enough to compete with other products on the market, This brand reputation, which is brought by the hardware product thread, can save a lot of resources and cost for the promotion cost. Moreover, in the ecological chain of Le vision, software, Internet, hardware, operating system platform and Developer Center resources can be integrated, in giving users full experience while, but also to promote the other lines of business to enhance and progress, so le Vision in this case launched the Sales Alliance platform, It is the differentiated advantage that other Internet companies do not have.

In other manufacturers, although some participants also have a lot of exploration, but they do not have much to choose the new marketing of the other side, but some manufacturers to explore the market new marketing, is becoming the main force to promote the overall market forward.

Mobile e-commerce opportunity: Who can lead the line?

Some manufacturers choose new Marketing as the main competitive way, because these enterprises believe that their own product brands and channels have certain advantages. However, it is important to realize that, in today's booming mobile internet, brand reputation, while determining the direction of the product, does not necessarily guarantee the success of the micro-business model. Therefore, in this node, the choice of Le Vision is to launch "Le Vision Sales Alliance platform", through the way of winning the market.

The move by Le Vision has an unparalleled advantage over other manufacturers.

First of all, le Vision has a sound hardware product sewing. Music Vision hardware products to start with the Super TV, after recent development, le Vision not only a foothold in the TV market position, but also has launched a video super mobile products such as blockbuster, as well as the future product line, such hardware products, the matrix planning, will undoubtedly assume the most powerful ecological hub of the music vision.

Secondly, compared with other traditional manufacturers, the Lepar-line Experience shop model is the main advantage of the music vision to realize the connection between online resources and offline resources. According to official information, the company currently has more than 2000 Lepar partners, and as of the end of June there are 1500, 2,500 at the end of July, and is expected to exceed 3,000 by the end of the year. These offline experience stores, as the cut-in for ordinary users, also have an important strategic role to play in the entire ecological hub of the music vision.

Thirdly, a series of content, software and operating system platforms, such as le-video network, music Vision Sports, EUI, and so on, will make the hardware products, content, software and users of Le Vision Unified link, and then build a complete ecosystem with multi-element system. The advantage of this ecosystem is that it allows the product line of the Le Vision to be fully unified, and to give users the ultimate user experience, such as the use of Super mobile phone users to watch the unfinished film content, you can go home with the Super TV to continue watching.

This link between hardware, software, the Internet, the cloud, and the operating system platform is the main advantage of the current competition with other competitors in the industry, the effect of which has been gaining attention in some of the current market feedback, such as the 618 day, le-video Super TV won the five Crown's sales results.

Aside from these factors, the "Le Vision Sales Alliance platform", which has been launched recently, is another approach to make up the marketing matrix. In the "Le Vision Sales Alliance Platform", the partner through the recommendation of other users to buy music products, the referee will get a different amount of commission, this full of "participatory" way, will undoubtedly make the music vision in the future development of offline channels, enhance the core users and other aspects of unexpected gains.

Future marketing of big companies: people-oriented

In the market competition, continue to expand the territory through the expansion of the share of the majority of manufacturers of choice, in the layout of mobile e-commerce, the way to power the micro-business in terms of operation or convenience, are more operational and effective than other marketing methods.

However, the way of micro-commerce for users, can not fully understand and connect product information is the biggest weakness, in this regard, the vision of the Alliance platform has highlighted a huge role: when a user needs to buy a product, the referrer will introduce the relevant information about the products, This is undoubtedly the most convenient way to enhance the user experience and understanding. Compared with other traditional models, the music vision of this alliance platform first has the trust, this for most users trust-based purchase behavior, is the most secure and reliable choice requirements.

Here is a noteworthy detail, that is, the Affiliate sales platform through the acquaintance referral, so the user in the choice of trust to do the endorsement, so as to ensure that the user's entire purchase behavior more security and experience. For most users, this model is more important in building marketing care and user services than the more credible alliance sales.

Because with the development of the Internet, marketing is no longer a simple way of selling, based on human care and the starting point of marketing, perhaps the best marketing. (Zhu Yi/wen,: Izhuyi; No.: Zhuyiweixin)

Rob Mobile E-commerce opportunity to see the sales alliance can pilot?

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