Save online music? Apple Watch has more to do

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Apple Watch released the final dust settled, whether it is the price of the spat, or the endurance of the frustration, or the joy of seeing fashion items, are just personal feelings. And for the entire Internet, smart hardware market and even related industries, the shock of Apple Watch has only just begun. Among them, for the online music industry, or will be a gorgeous turning point.

But to be realistic, we should also see the positioning of Apple Watch itself-the real fusion of fashion and technology. And fashion is just a handful of people--prices are there, and Apple watch may have to do more to really save the online music industry.

Apple Watch as a new carrier for online music

At the press conference, it was believed that many people were shocked by Apple Watch's functionality, design, material and even price. Indeed, Apple Watch is definitely a heavyweight product that is as shocking as the iphone turned out to be. Even if a large number of smart watches with the Android Wear platform have appeared earlier than Moto 360, the impact is still hard to rival Apple Watch. Apple Watch will not only make Apple a blank spot on wearable smart devices, but also remain a leader and will have an immeasurable impact on the online music industry.

Throughout the history of music, every step of the leap development, can not be separated from the carrier music of the transformation of the hardware. Vinyl records, Walkman, CDs, MP3, lossless music advertising, smartphones ... Have pushed the music forward in varying degrees. The nature of music itself has not changed, is still a spiritual pleasure of consumer goods, but different carriers have decided its radiation range, influence and vitality. For online music, which is now the largest part of the music industry, there is no substitute for the inspiration and importance of Apple watch.

By virtue of its fashionable attributes, more and more online music will be linked to a musical feast for people. and its science and technology attributes, also will be online music more convenient, quickly show out. You can get music by swiping your finger/voice, get music with your iphone via Bluetooth, and so on. It can be said that Apple watch will be a new feature of its own to deduce the glorious chapter of online music.

Insufficient! Apple Watch as a savior needs to work hard

At the beginning of this year, Nielsen Music Statistics released the music industry year-end Statistics report, the report shows that on-demand streaming music and video music content business growth of 54%, up to 164 billion times. However, it is important to note that the overall trend in the online music industry is still declining, and the music industry's malaise has become an established fact. Meanwhile, digital albums and music sales are on the decline. Sales of digital music albums declined by 9% to 117.6 billion in 2014, with the number of single sales falling 6% to 1.26 billion. As more and more users choose to play online to listen to music, instead of choosing to download songs as they used to.

It can be said that whether it is streaming media or music download, there is an urgent need for the emergence of "savior". And that's challenging Apple, because its launch of the official itunes online digital music downloader is unlikely to see itself in the online music industry. Apple has therefore prepared to spend $3 billion on Beats Music to boost its streaming prowess, and on the other hand, Apple watch--, if not specifically targeted at the online music industry, will be the best break for Apple, without doubt.

But we should see that it's unrealistic to expect Apple Watch to be the savior of Apple and online music in a short period of time. With its high selling price being the biggest stumbling block, you can't ask every user to spend a minimum of 3000 yuan to buy a smart watch-not everyone has a dad named Wang Jianlin. Plus, Endurance is one of the Achilles ' heel of Apple Watch, and Apple Watch's endurance is a gripping factor compared to the dozens of-hour endurance of a professional music player. Plus, if you really want Apple Watch to be the main listening music device, it's a little cumbersome to have a variety of external devices.

Looking to the future! Apple Watch or transfer

Even though Apple Watch has many flaws in online music, his flaws believes it will become a new carrier for carrying the music carrier forward. Moreover, this is only the first generation of products, with the technology, design ideas, materials and other progress, Apple Watch will eventually make up for those shortcomings. More importantly, Apple Watch will bring new ideas and innovation to the online music industry, bringing more hardware and new solutions to the industry and driving a brighter path for the entire sector.

Perhaps five years from then, we can feel how Apple Watch is turning the online music industry into a big turnaround. By then, did you already have a piece? Pro, less dozen games more reading, in the future can become handsome rich! (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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Save online music? Apple Watch has more to do

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