Second interview: Web front-end development

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Today after work, whined whined riding a shared bike to an e-commerce startup company interview, the company's strength can not be seen, the information on the network is not enough, but the recent beginning of autumn recruit, as the autumn recruit practice training.

First technical interview, the interviewer himself sat back, visual inspection of the company's front-end strength is relatively weak, asked the question is very simple. Asked the HTTP method, status code, request-Response composition, how the front-end optimizes performance, block-level label and inline label differences, merge Sort, database index, and a SQL statement.

Again is the HR face, the interviewer oneself very have strength, is an excellent product manager, the resume is very rich, did not ask me what very special question, asked the career plan, the home situation, several previous work how.

This interview, the content of the interview is expected, hope for the autumn interview help!

Second interview: Web front-end development

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