Select multiple files to upload simultaneously (take advantage of the multiple attribute of the INPUT element)

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<! DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>Insert Title here</title></head><body>    <form Action="" method="POST" enctype=" Multipart/form-data ">        <p>A file to choose to upload</P>        <input type="text" name="Reck" value= ""/><br/>         <!--can choose one or more images to upload -        <input type="file" name="Files" multiple/><br/>         <!--only one file per INPUT element can be selected --<!--<input type= "file" name= "files"/><br/> <input type= "file" name= "Files"/>&l t;br/> <input type= "file" name= "files"/><br/> -        <input type="Submit" value="Submit"/>    </form></body></html> 

In Spring, configure:

    <!--======== File upload ======= --    <!--200*1024*1024 the 200M resolvelazily property is enabled to defer file parsing to capture file size anomalies--    <bean id= "multipartresolver"class=" Org.springframework.web.multipart.commons.CommonsMultipartResolver ">                < property name="Maxuploadsize" value="209715200" />         < property name="defaultencoding" value="UTF-8" / >        < property name="resolvelazily" value="true" />    </Bean>

Java code:

 PackageOrg.wxy.demo.action;;;ImportJavax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;ImportJavax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;ImportOrg.springframework.stereotype.Controller;ImportOrg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.ExceptionHandler;Importorg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping;ImportOrg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestParam;ImportOrg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.ResponseBody;ImportOrg.springframework.web.multipart.MaxUploadSizeExceededException;ImportOrg.springframework.web.multipart.MultipartFile;/** * * < A sentence function brief ><p> * Multipartfile class Common methods: * String getContentType ()//Get file MIME type * inputstre Am getInputStream ()//after going to file stream * string getName ()//Get the name of the file component in the form * string Getoriginalfilename ()//Get on filename of the file * Long GetSize ()//Gets the byte size of the file, the unit byte * Boolean isEmpty ()//Is empty * void TransferTo (F Ile dest)//save to a target file. * * @author wangxy * @param <E> * * @see [Related Classes/methods] * @since [Product/Module Version] */@ControllerPublic class Fileupdownctrl<E> {    /** * Upload files * @param file * @return * *    @RequestMapping(value="/") Public String FileUpload (@RequestParam("Files"Multipartfile[] Files,httpservletrequest request) {String rect = (string) Request.getattribute ("Rect"); System.out.println (rect);//To determine that the file array cannot be empty and is longer than 0        if(files!=NULL&& files.length>0){//loop to get files in file array             for(int i =0; i<files.length;i++) {Multipartfile file = Files[i];Try{//Get access PathString FilePath = Request.getsession (). Getservletcontext (). Getrealpath ("/") +"upload/"+ File.getoriginalfilename ();//Dump FilesFile.transferto (NewFile (FilePath)); }Catch(IOException e)                {E.printstacktrace (); }              }//redirect            return "Redirect:/"; }//redirect        return "Redirect:/fail.html"; }@RequestMapping(value="/")@ResponseBodyPublic String list (httpservletrequest request,httpservletresponse response) {String FilePath = request.getsession ( ). Getservletcontext (). Getrealpath ("/") +"Upload"; file[] Files =NewFile (FilePath). Listfiles (); StringBuilder FileNames =NewStringBuilder (); for(File f:files)            {System.out.println (F.getname ()); Filenames.append (F.getname () +"\ n"); }returnFilenames.tostring (); }/** * configured <property name= "resolvelazily" value= "true"/> * only valid * @author wangxy * * @param ex * /    @ExceptionHandlerpublic void Doexcepiton (Exception ex) {if(ex instanceof Maxuploadsizeexceededexception) {System.out.println ("The file is too large"); }    }}

Select multiple files to upload simultaneously (take advantage of the multiple attribute of the INPUT element)

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