Server Leasing-Install MySQL under Windows

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Server Leasing - install mysql under Windows

1. Download installation, in order to be in the c/c++ mysql, When installing, you need to click " c Include files/lib Files "option, this step installs mysql built-in mysql.h header file and mysql library.

2. in the program need to add mysql libmysql.lib library files , generally there are many ways to join, I use the direct copy libmysql.lib to the project file.

3. You can use the following program to experiment with the success of MySQL.

4. You can use the well-packaged mysql++ Library to operate MySQL.

#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include "d:/mysql/include/mysql.h"
#pragma comment (lib, "Libmysql.lib")//pragma is a compilation instruction

using namespace std;

int main ()
Mysql_res *result;
Mysql_row ROW;
Mysql_init (&mysql); // initializing mysql structure
//mysql_options (&mysql,mysql_set_charset_name, "gb2312");// to make sure you loadline , to be heavier remember . No, this setting writes to the data MySQL it's garbled. , Chinese characters are garbled
Mysql_real_connect (&mysql, "localhost", "root", "root", "Diyall", 0,null,0);//connecting to a server
mysql_query (&mysql, "Set names ' gb2312 '");
if (mysql_query (&mysql, "INSERT into Xzy_user (username,password,email) VALUES ('China from 2s ', ' xxx2 ', ' xxx2 '); {
cout<< " failure Error\r\n ";
cout<< " Insert succeeded \ r \ n "; libmysql.lib
mysql_query (&mysql, "select * from Xzy_user"); to query
Result=mysql_store_result (&mysql);//get the result set
While ((Row=mysql_fetch_row (Result))) {//Take out the result set record
cout<< "UID:" <<row[0]<< "username:" <<row[1]<< "Password:" <<row[2]<< "\ n"; //output This line of records
Mysql_free_result (result); //releasing the result set
mysql_close (&mysql); //Release Connection
int A;
return 0;


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Server Leasing-Install MySQL under Windows

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