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Article Title: Set up SquirrelMail mail server in UBUNTU. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

I have not installed SquirrelMail on UBUNTU. but I always want to learn how to install it. I will post some posts here and no one will reply. I will share some of the documents I recently found online on the SquirrelMail server and learn from you.
UBUNTU security? I don't? Now.
?. (Application-> attachment-> terminal) You see the symbol "$,

1. Upgrade "Source" to Breezy (6.00 ).

Press the terminal key, for example, open source list.
Sudo cp/etc/apt/sources. list/etc/apt/sources. list_backup
Sudo gedit/etc/apt/sources. list
Replace all content in the file with the following:
Deb breezy main restricted universe multiverse
Deb breezy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
Deb breezy-security main restricted universe multiverse
Deb breezy-backports main restricted universe multiverse
Deb breezy main restricted universe multiverse
Save the edited File
Sudo apt-get update (source upgrade)

2. Set the local environment

Enter sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales in the terminal

Make sure that the zh_CN.UTF-8 is selected, and the local is the zh_CN.UTF-8 by default
Install Dapper (6.06)
Enter sudo apt-get install language-support-zh in the terminal
Sudo locale-gen zh_CN

3. Install the Chinese support environment

Enter: sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-zh-base language-pack-zh-base language-support-zh

4. Install Chinese Fonts

If [Y/n] or [y/N] is required, enter y and press Enter.

Enter sudo apt-get install ttf-arphic-ukai ttf-arphic-uming in the terminal

5. Installation input method (optional, not installed)

Xianan? : Fcitx
Enter sudo apt-get install fcitx in the terminal
Enter sudo sh-c "echo 'export XMODIFIERS = @ im = fcitx; export GTK_IM_MODULE =" fcitx "; fcitx'>/etc/X11/Xsession in the terminal. d/95 xinput"
Enter sudo chmod + 755/etc/X11/Xsession. d/95 xinput in the terminal
Activate Input Method
Restart Xwindow. Press Ctrl + space to activate the input method.

6. Install imap

Method 1: Enter sudo apt-get install courier-imap in the terminal (I have not tested)

Method 2: Install courier-imap
Courier-IMAP supports IMAP/SIMAP access

Courier-imap has released courier-authlib independently since version 4. You need to install courier-authlib first.
Install courier-imap
Tar-xjf courier-imap-4.0.2.tar.bz2
Cd courier-imap-4.0.2
Chown-R vpopmail: vchkpw ../courier-imap-4.0.2
Su vpopmail
./Configure -- with-redhat
# Note: The Redhat user must use the "-- with-redhat" option.
Make install-strip
Make install-configure
Cp courier-imap.sysvinit/etc/rc. d/init. d/courier-imap
Chmod 755/etc/rc. d/init. d/courier-imap
Chkconfig -- add courier-imap
# Configuration:
# Modify the file/usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/authdaemonrc. If not, the link/usr/local/etc/authlib/authdaemonrc
Authmodulelist = "authvchkpw"
# Modify the file/usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/imapd
# Modify the file/usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/imapd-ssl
# Modify the file/usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/imapd. cnf
CN =
EmailAddress =
# Modify the file/usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/pop3d. cnf
CN =
EmailAddress =
# Start:
/Etc/rc. d/init. d/courier-imap start
# Use outlook to test whether IMAP is normal

2. Required Software

Squirrelmail-1.4.0.tar.gz (
Install SquirrelMail
SquirrelMail is an IMAP client written in PHP. Before installing SquirrelMail, make sure that your IMAP runs properly.
# Installation

Cd squirrelmail-1.4.4
Cd plugins
Cp quota_usage/config. php. sample quota_usage/config. php
Cd ../
# You will set the following options

# Select "2. server Settings "=>". update IMAP Settings "=>" 8. change Server software to courier. Go back to the main menu and select 4. general Options "=>" 1. change "Data Directoryand" to "/var/www/data/". Then return to the main menu and select "8. plugins "=> Add the plug-in you want. Return to the main menu, select "10. Ages", change "Default Language" to "zh_CN", and change "Default Charset" to "GB2312 ". Save and exit.
Mv data/var/www/
Chown-R vpopmail. vchkpw/var/www/data
Cd ../
Music squirrelmail-1.4.4/var/www/html/squirrelmail
# Log on to the to verify that the installation is successful.

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