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We are passing the WebShare

Webshare is a WEBFTP resource manager developed using ajax+php technology. You can use it to view, copy, modify, add, and share Web documents.

Opengoo PHP Open source document management system

Opengoo is a set of open source Web office based on Extjs+xamp (Apache, PHP, MySQL) development. Apply to any unit or individual to create, share, collaborate to maintain and publish all of their internal and external documents.


Relayb is an AJAX directory manager. Supports drag-and-drop operations on files and folders. Dynamically loads the file structure. File upload prompt progress bar. Thumbnail view includes PDF format for multi-user and multi-account support.

Simple Directory Listing

Simple directory listing provides a document management interface similar to the Apache HTTP Server directory list. Have copy, move, delete, rename, create Folder/file. Upload/download files, Unicode support, thumbnail view, RSS release, etc.


Ckfinder is an easy-to-use Ajax File Manager. Provides a folder tree structure (Folders tree) navigation menu, multi-language support (automatic detection), support for creating/renaming/deleting files and folders, integrated FCKeditor online editor.


Phpwebftp is a Web-based FTP client that can connect to any FTP server. Built-in 22 language packs. Easy to switch in Binary/ascii two modes. Provides a WYSIWYG file editor for editing. htm files. Built-in file and directory download mode. Support decompression zip files and so on.


Cuteflow is a web-based document Flow/Workflow tool. The user-defined good one document is then forwarded to each user in the list in step-by-steps, by the specified process.


Epiware is an AJAX-supported project and document management Web application system. It provides a complete set of file management features including document uploads, downloads, versioning, audits, change notifications and access history lists. Epiware also creates a secure information exchange and collaboration platform for development teams.

PHP Navigator

PHP Open source document management system developed based on Web using Php+ajax technology. It has a windowsxp-style operator interface. Make you feel like you're in Windows.


Docmgr is a Web document management system built on the basis of php+postgresql. Supports full-text indexing of most popular document formats using TSEARCH2. It also includes access control lists, user Rights Management, and file multilevel grouping functions.


Simpledoc is a web-based open source document management system for PHP. Its interface is simple and intuitive (managed by the tree structure, using AJAX technology to make it unnecessary to refresh the browser when the content is modified). Simpledoc does not require database support.


Document manager is a Web-based documentation manager that includes rights management and MailTips. Database support is not required.


KnowledgeTree is an open source Web-based document management system. It has knowledge management, document versioning, hierarchical document management and support for some popular file formats as well as custom file types.

OWL Intranet Engine

Owl is a multi-user PHP Open source document management system. It can set permissions on folders and files, role-based rights management, easy-to-use and concise user operation and management interface, the ability to monitor folders and files, support text, Ms-word and PDF files full-text search, provide download statistics, database backup tools, news system, version control , Recycle Bin, custom document type, and more. true techarticle we are through to the WebShare WebShare is a WEBFTP resource manager developed using ajax+php technology. You can use it to view, copy, modify, add, and share Web documents. Opengoo P ...

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