Several methods of Web page performance analysis

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The "performance" option for Google developer Tools is analyzed:

Second, Google's Lighthouse tool (domestic network environment): Based on node (version ≥6)

1. Installation: NPM Install-g Lighthouse

2. Operating use: Lighthouse <url>--view

Example: Lighthouse

Third, if you can FQ: can be installed in the Chorome Web App Store-web page Performance Optimization Extension Program: Lighthouse, Pagespeed Insights (with Pnacl);

Iv. Online Web performance analysis tool (recommended)

Pingdom is a free website Speed test job that not only looks great, but also presents as much information about all aspects of your site as possible. It can test the speed of website loading, analyze the page and size. After the test is completed, you will get a very detailed test report, including pictures, CSS, etc., to tell you where the problem occurs. A good site monitoring service, you can test for each page of images, CSS and JavaScript, and give the performance level. You can also provide data for page load times, page size, and request information.

Several methods of Web page performance analysis

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