Several PHP functions that are coherent with special character processing

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Several PHP functions related to special character handling

Name of function Interpretation Introduced
Htmlspecialchars Combine with, single double quotes, greater than, and less than sign into HTML format & Turn into &
"Turn into "
' Turn into & #039;
< turn into &lt;
> Turn into &gt;
Htmlentities () All characters are converted to HTML format In addition to the above Htmlspecialchars characters, the double-byte characters are displayed as encodings.
Addslashes Single double quote, backslash, and null plus backslash escape The characters that are changed include single quotation marks ('), double quotation marks ("), backslash backslash (\), and null character null.
Stripslashes Remove backslash characters Removes the backslash character from the string. If you have two consecutive backslashes, remove one and leave one. If there is only one backslash, remove it directly.
Quotemeta Add Reference symbol The string that contains the. \\ + * ? [ ^ ] ($) to precede the character with the backslash "\" symbol.
NL2BR () Turn newline characters into <br>
Strip_tags Remove HTML and PHP tags Remove any HTML tags and PHP tags from the string, including the content between tags blocking. Note that if there is an error in the string HTML and PHP tags, an error will also be returned.
Mysql_real_escape_string Escaping special characters in SQL strings Escaped \x00 \ r \ n space \ ' "\x1a, which is useful for multibyte character processing. Mysql_real_escape_string will judge the character set, mysql_escape_string do not consider it.

Several PHP functions that are coherent with special character processing

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