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SH, telnet, network copy file, putty, connect to windows Remote Desktop terminal, remote control linux desktop-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information, the following is the details. I, the simplest command line to connect to the linux Server (in fc6, the ssh service is started by default)
# Ssh
To log on to ssh as a user,
# Ssh user@

Ii. graphic interface copying files over the network (strong in Gnome)
Choose System Menu> location> connect to the server
Service type: ftp, ssh, windows sharing, http !!!

Iii. If many servers need to be connected, replace the putty of SecureCRT (the linux version of secureCRT is not found yet, so let's say it)
Command: yum-y install putty
System Menu-Application-internet-putty
(If many servers need to be connected, the temporary alternative method is: Create a starter on the desktop> type> application program in the terminal> name ssh, command ssh, double-click the connection to automatically activate ssh)

Iv. tsclient connected to win2000server and windows xp Remote Desktop,
Command: yum-y install tsclinet
System Menu-Application-internet-Terminal Server Client

V. Allow Remote Control of other linux desktops (or windows) to connect to linux desktops using vnc-server .,
Command: yum-y install vnc-server

The client also needs to install the vnc Viewer.
Command: yum-y install vnc
Choose System Menu> Application> internet> Terminal Server client, and Select vnc in the Protocol.

In addition, if you want to allow telnet, you need to install the telnet service in addition to the default installation.
# Yum-y install telnet-server
# System-config-services-on demand services-select telnet
Or: setup-> System Service-click telent-> OK
# Service xinetd restart
# Telnet localhost to log on to yourself.
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