Share: About before the hammer mobile phone brush miui, now something ups and downs of the brush back to the Smartisan os!

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  It's been 1.5 months since the last time I brushed the hammer phone into MIUI, and I am a brush-machine party, 1.5 months enough to adapt to a system, to understand a system. The brush machine is risky, but I am willing to take the risk because of interest, nothing else. After the brush machine, there must be a problem, not a ROM package in the adaptation of their own system or not suitable for other systems in the case of a problem no, below I would like to talk about the brush before and after the problem, as well as re-brush back to the hammer encountered a big problem and solution.


  Everyone can read my previous blog, is to tell me from the hammer brush to Miui's arduous journey, the article.

Here's a look at the experience behind the hammer brush to MIUI:

  1. Miui and Hammer is two completely different system, hammer of sentiment is a lot of people pursue, before the brush machine Some people still criticize I give up the feeling of hammer, I just want to say, this is not give up, I just a small brush machine party.
  2. Because it was used to downgrade the brush machine miui, so the root of the phone, brush third-party recovery, resulting in the warranty has not been, so this time brush back to the hammer halfway jumped, scared to fright.
  3. Many people say the hammer brush MIUI after the mobile phone power consumption increased very big, I want to say, not so exaggerated, now the smartphone, that is not the power consumption, brush into MIUI after not much difference, to tell the truth.
  4. Miui a great feeling for me is the public, being imitated or imitated too much. And the hammer will give you a refreshing feeling, a kind of can not say the feeling.
  5. After I brush to MIUI, encountered the biggest problem is the signal problem, just finished brushing, in fact, the signal is not a problem, but almost in the first one weeks, the signal out of the big problem, no matter where, not the signal is not, is directly read the card, this is my brush back a big reason for the hammer.
  6. After brushing to the MIUI, the power button seems to have a little bit of conflict, to press hard or press down at all did not respond, this I am not very clear what a situation.

  It's not a lot, and I'm going to start the process of brushing my hammer back. 

Start of Brush Machine:

    • Brush Back Hammer failed:

  Yesterday, because the mobile phone still exists at that time to brush in the third party recovery, so I directly downloaded the Hammer 2.5 brush machine package, according to the previous method to start the brush machine, very successful, a little problem. But after entering the system, the problem is big.

    1. As the 2.5 system seems to have no official recovery and incompatible with the third party's recovery, which led me to not go to recovery, also can not re-brush machine, why to re-brush the machine, see the figure below to know. Presumably we can see the problem, the first picture is the brush success after 2.5, suddenly entered the state, stuck, I was forced to shut down the system to enter the restart. The second picture is the problem when the boot is set up and the security certificate cannot be found. The third picture is the key to my re-brush machine, upgrade not the system, I was also ready to brush to 2.5 and then upgrade 2.6, and now directly upgrade not, the official provision of the system upgrade services, but after the upgrade restart is a black screen, what did not, various factors, decided to try various methods to carry out the brush machine.
    2. The system is now willing to mainly because the recovery is not, and through the line brush to brush the third-party recovery method has not been. Can't upgrade and no security certificate, as if the hammer official reason, otherwise he will not specifically for the 2.5 system users to provide system upgrade services.

    • Brush Back Hammer Success:

   Try a lot of methods, finally by manually brush into the official 5.1recovery to succeed, the specific method is as follows:

    1. First your phone is to root, brush into 2.5, random root, recommended to use Kingroot mobile version of root. Otherwise the follow-up cannot proceed.
    2. line brush into the recovery is impossible to achieve, not to mention the third party, here I found the official recovery, not easy to find, recovery download, provided out. First download reply 5.1 Official recovery file, open after installing the app inside, at the same time put com.cgollner.flashify folder Copy to the phone's android/date directory, open the date directory and you'll see a lot of similar files, you don't have to worry about what it is, it's an IMG image anyway. Open the app, switch to backup/restore, where the software will automatically read the IMG image you copied to the date directory, if not, you may not have given root permissions or copied to the wrong file directory.

* * I have not read the reason here is that I am already 2.6, just upgrade up, and have not root. You can see your copy of the IMG image under backup current recovery, and select revert to recovery . **


  3. Before restoring to recovery, you want to download good one official ROM package, I have provided before, I choose is 2.6, because I do not want to upgrade again. Copy the downloaded ROM package to your phone. You can then click Restore to recovery in the app. Slowly waiting to enter the recovery bar, not a long time, followed by the installation process. Yes, the image below shows the official recovery.

① Select Install apply update from SDcard, find the ROM package just copied in, in the root directory, can not find the slowly find, press the power button to start the installation, installation time is a bit long, to slowly wait, I waited for almost 20 minutes.

② installed, we choose wipe date/factory restet, is Shuangqing, the first clear time longer, more than 10 minutes, to have patience, if forced shutdown, will fail.

③ then select the second one to clear wipe cache partition. This is faster,

④ Finally, you can choose Reboot systemnow. (The picture is not right, everyone will see)

⑤ a few pictures to show you my results. After entering the system, everything is OK, happy cloud can log in, upgrade can also be upgraded.

Finally say two words:

Brush machine is risky, but for me is very interesting, we like to pay attention to, do not like also please do not spray, because tastes, right! Thank you for your support!

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Share: About before the hammer mobile phone brush miui, now something ups and downs of the brush back to the Smartisan os!

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