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NetSuite is a software system that integrates all the functions of customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and e-commerce (Ecommerce) and runs on a unified platform. can help to manage core business processes, greatly reduce it overhead, and improve enterprise productivity. Is the world's leading cloud computing enterprise management software system.

Abroad, NetSuite has been widely recognized, more than 170000 of the world's customers are using NetSuite. NetSuite has the function of on-demand customization, which means that the enterprise can choose the function module which is most needed according to its own characteristics, give up the unnecessary parts, and be more practical and individualized.

So before implementing NetSuite, experienced NetSuite consultants have been planning and end-to-end support to help businesses unlock the potential of cloud-based software platform solutions. Only appropriate implementation and rigorous planning can ensure that cloud-based solutions maximize the business needs of the enterprise.

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How to ensure the effective implementation of NetSuite in China:

1. Standardized and detailed documentation

Use a standardized document template so that the details are taken into account when planning, and critical issues are not overlooked by the project team during the complex implementation process.

2. Bilingual staff understanding of the Local system

Fluent Mandarin and English are essential in the communication process and have a keen knowledge of local IT system integration issues. This will help customers to better understand and implement the system in China.

3. Customized for localization

To customize and optimize the enterprise system according to the organization, location and industry characteristics of different enterprises. Experienced NetSuite Consultants will help companies choose a safe, intelligent and cost-effective strategy. It will also help businesses customize business types, views, dashboards, reports, and more to help employees and customers in the enterprise.

The drawback of the worldwide well-known CRM and ERP brands is that they do not include standard functions that comply with China's legal requirements, tax filings, human resources and transportation workflows, and customization. This trigger networks Trig as a partner of NetSuite in China, and its experienced engineers and consultants will provide efficient, local GAAP compliant solutions.

Examples of common customer-specific requirements:

1, in line with the localization of Chinese enterprises function, related to your industry, business and future plans

2. Replace the new workflow or enhance the "leap thinking" workflow

3, change the Standardization System report, form, instrument panel and so on

4. Changes in standardized system business processes

5. Data cleansing and data migration from legacy legacy systems to new systems

6. Oracle Database Design and Deployment

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About China Partners:

As NetSuite's earliest domestic partner, Trigger Networks Trig has the most experienced NetSuite professionals. Provide solutions for each module including finance, distribution, project management, e-commerce, etc. We have extensive experience in the implementation, localization, two development and training of NetSuite products.

Share NetSuite Consultants How to ensure the effectiveness of implementation!

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