Should the new site use Drupal 8?

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I recently discussed with you whether you should upgrade your website to Drupal 8, and not recommend that you upgrade it (for details, see if I should upgrade to Drupal 8 now?). 》)。 However, if you are building a new website, is it appropriate to use Drupal 8?

The answer remains: not appropriate!

Similar to the reason for not recommending an upgrade to Drupal 8, the current Drupal 8 is too thin to support a slightly more complex site with only the functionality of the kernel alone. If the site is simple enough to be done with Drupal 8来, then using Drupal 7 or another CMS will be easier.

Fortunately, Acquia already in the previous communication on this issue has been explained, and by contrast D7 explain D8 current application situation, save me a lot of time. Here we borrow Acquia information to see what D8 is now suitable for?

Acquia explains that D8 is currently only suitable for small, self-made, pilot, and non-urgent projects. In fact, the meaning is that D8 is currently only suitable for companies and teams with Drupal technology reserves to study and trial, but also not suitable for formal projects.


Therefore, if you are interested in D8, now is a good time to study hard, reserve D8 knowledge and skills! If the company or team is planning to provide D8 services, it is now possible to start a D8 team. But if you are the demand side, temporarily or D8 hold a better attitude, six months to a year later to see whether D8 meet the conditions for the formal project ...

Original title: Should the new website use Drupal 8?
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Should the new site use Drupal 8?

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