Sign up as a Windows Phone developer and unlock your Windows Phone 8.1 phone

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Sign up as a Windows Phone developer and unlock your Windows Phone 8.1 phone

The previous article describes how to build a Windows Phone 8.1 app using QT creator and Visual Studio and run it on the Windows Phone 8.1 emulator. Of course, being able to run the emulator can only be counted as the first step, and it is our goal to be able to run on the real machine and publish it successfully in the Windows Phone store. To achieve this goal, we need to register as a developer of Windows Phone and unlock the phone so that our program runs smoothly on the Windows Phone 8.1 phone.

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The last program was able to run on the emulator, but we specified Windows Phone 8.1 as the development kit and passed the E:\DEVELOP\QT5.3.1FORWINRT\5.3\WINPHONE_ARM\BIN\QMAKE-TP "CONFIG+=WINDEPLOYQT" "generates vcxproj files built on visual Studio14. But at first there was this error:

Deployment of Applicationto device failed.

Installation of Theapplication failed. Device is developer locked. Register for the Developerunlock program before deploying the application.

The reason is not registering the developer account and unlocking the phone.

Then first go to the Windows Developer website ( to register the WindowsPhone developer. Before registering for a Windows Phone developer, you need to sign up for a Microsoft account, log in with the account, select "Dashboard", click the Windows Phone store, and finally register the developer.

It is necessary to note that the registered individual developer will pay a certain fee, about 113 yuan, and need a Visa or mastercard the words of the credit card.

After registering, you need to use the tool to unlock your phone. The installed VisualStudio comes with a tool called Windows Phone Developer Registration 8.1. Open the interface as such.

At this time to connect the phone, and need to restore the status of the phone, screen points lit, so that the program can sense your phone.

One of the things Microsoft doesn't tell us is that the phone has to have WiFi (or other networks)! My Lumia 530 has not been successful with WiFi activation many times and always prompts "please set correct date and time on the phone". After reading this article to know the need to connect to WiFi.

Here's a digression, as a designer, I feel it is necessary to set the correct date for this verification step, which avoids the malicious mass unlocking of the phone through a date inconsistency.

At this point, login to the Windows Developer Center ( and the phones in the account in Deshboard can find the phone I just registered with.

So the phone unlock is complete.

Sign up as a Windows Phone developer and unlock your Windows Phone 8.1 phone

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