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Article Title: Simple Network check (1 ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.
1. check whether the network card has any problems:
To check whether there is any problem with the network card, first go to the system to see if there is any error card. take laruence's computer as an example, you can start the system project in the order of the following example:
Start 』
Set 』
"Console 』
System 』
Then you can see the following picture:
Click twice on your network card to view the content of the network card ::
Generally, as long as your network card is not questioned, the middle frame in the middle will display "This device is currently working normally" in the device status. However, if you want to update the driver, you can first access the Internet to capture the new driver, and then follow the "driver" project in the steps to install it step by step!
Next, let's take a look at the network settings ??? Tip edge sword
Right-click "network neighbor"
Click content
You can see three:
? D 3:
In general, the above box should include:
· IPX/SPX compatible communication protocols
The three communication protocols should be added here. if you only need the "interconnectivity on the network" requirement, you only need "NetBEUI" and "TCP/IP! Otherwise, the online speed of the network may be slow! For more information about why you do not need the IPX/SPX communication protocol, see the article in "technical experiences of online users!
However, if you have just installed a network card, only the TCP/IP option is available in the above box. to add a communication protocol, you can click "add, picture:
Then install the "communication protocol". The following figure is displayed:
Select Microsoft and click the communication protocol you need on the right!
Well, the network card is probably installed. if there is no problem, you should give the network card an IP location. you can check the meaning of the IP address here. Basically, because we all use "virtual IP" to test whether your network card can work normally, go back to the previous step and click "TCP/IP, the following figure is displayed:
The virtual network IP address we set is in the form of 192.168.XXX.XXX. you can enter the IP address based on the settings above. the subnet mask is the same as that of, you don't need to know the meaning of the subnet mask. However, if you want to have a deeper understanding, I suggest you come here to learn more!
After the input is complete, there should be no problem. press OK. Then, the computer will tell you that you need a Windows 98 CD, and then reboot. after the boot is complete, your network card should have an IP number. you can go:
Start 』
"Assembly 』
"MSDOS mode 』
There will be a terminal mode of black and white, and then enter:
If your network card can act, the following picture will appear:
If the picture appears, congratulations! your network card is correct! But if there is a picture of 8, it would be a little more troublesome ??
The system tells you that there is no response when you ping the network card, so it will display the "100% loss! What you can do is:
1. check whether there are any omissions in the above steps and reset it again;
2. if you still cannot solve the problem, unplug your network card and insert it to another PCI or ISA slot. sometimes some slots may be strange, just change the slot;
3. if the problem persists, take your network card to another computer that can work normally, plug in the network card, and set it as above. if the problem persists, it indicates that your network card may be broken, so you have to buy another network card ??
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