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SI (Source Insight) is a good partner who has been writing code. I believe this powerful software is also a powerful tool for programmers to write software. we need to learn how to use this software.

First, we will introduce several powerful functions: Automatic completion, quick jump, and relational diagram.

Project Creation

1. Choose "Project"> "New Project" (or Alt + Shift + N) on the menu bar ).

2. Enter the project name and SI project data storage address. (The storage location depends on the individual. I am used to setting up an SI directory for special storage at the top layer of the project code)

3. Set the location where the code is stored. In this window, you only need to set this location.

4. Add a code file. Click "Add Tree" to Add all the project code.

Common functions: Automatic completion

When the function name or variable is not fully input, a prompt is displayed. You can select the content you want to enter. Mom no longer has to worry about forgetting the variable name.

Quick jump

Press Ctrl and click pucRegBuffer to automatically jump to the declared position of the variable. It also applies to types, functions, and macro variables.

Relationship Diagram

If you want to know which functions call a function, you do not need to use Find to Find it. SI provides a great graph to show the relationship between functions. it is also valid for variables, variable types, macros, and so on. very powerful!


1. Click the graph icon in the upper-right corner to bring up the graph window.

2. Click the function or variable you want to view. For example, click eMBRegInputCB to place the cursor on the function name.

3. If the graph window is not updated automatically, click the update button below.


Although SI has not been updated for several years, there are also some problems, but in general, the main function is to write code, which is very helpful for us to write code.



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