Six Bootstrap-based practical development tutorials and template demos are shared.

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With regard to Bootstrap, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It has become an important tool in the mainstream industry. Bootstrap provides elegant HTML and CSS specifications, which are developed based on the jQuery framework, based on the jQuery framework, it is more personalized and user-friendly, forming a unique website style, and compatible with most jQuery plug-ins. Today, we bring several small applications implemented by six Bootstrap models, hoping to help you!

Mobile-first Bootstrap3

Online Demo

Bootstrap3 has been released for several weeks. Now it's time for us to see what is new in Bootstrap. First, the most important change is to support responsive website design. The original responsive module has been removed. Now, from the kernel, Bootstrap3 supports responsive design. more deeply, it integrates the design concept of Mobile First, that is, Mobile First, this concept was initially proposed by Luke wrobleski in his blog. In this article, we will share some new BT3 content and hope you will like it!

Multiple buttons implemented by Bootstrap3 and Ladda UI are used for "loading" effect experience.

Online Demo 1 Online Demo 2 Online Demo 3

During the development of web-based websites or web applications, users often need to be prompted during AJAX calls and display the related "loading" effects. Similar uidesigns are also very many, for example, when you click a button, a "loading" text is displayed next to it, or a "Rotating GIF" animation is added.

Bootstrap-based multi-level menu with pure CSS-BootM

Online Demo

BootM is a multilevel menu implementation developed based on bootstrap. Its main features include: No JS, bootstrap-based, responsive design, no hierarchical restrictions, text-based icons.

Bootstrap3 and jQuery implement responsive iOS/Android style scrolling to the top (bottom) of the page bounce Effect

Online Demo

If you are using iOS or android-related mobile platforms, you will certainly be familiar with the bounce effect after the page slides to the bottom. In this tutorial, we will use the latest versions of Bootstrap3 and jQuery to generate a web page effect similar to a mobile device app, supporting responsive display of various devices.

Bootstrap Rich Text Editor bootstrap-Use of wysiwyg

Online Demo

It is actually very easy to use. You can import CSS, JS, jQuery, and bootstrap-wysiwyg JS related to bootstrap.

A landing page of Bootstrap3 (landing page template)

Online Demo

It is very suitable for product promotion or app promotion. It supports responsive and scalable development!

If you like it, please leave a message. We will recommend some good Bootstrap3 templates every week!

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