Small contrast of Unity's own lightmapping and 3Ds Max baking maps

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baking stickers should not be a strange thing for a friend to be a virtual reality. If you want to work on a computer with limited performance on the fly, you will generally use baking maps. In addition to baking the map in 3dmax, Unity3d also has its own lightmapping baking map feature. Let's take a small example and make a small comparison between the meaning and the effect of the two. For more information, please visit the Dog Planing Learning Network http://unity.gopedu.comin 3dmax, I simply built several models and gave them different colors, respectively:

then render it with 3dmax of ray tracing, and it will look like this:

It is obvious that the rendering effect after ray tracing is much stronger than the three-dimensional sense when there is no ray tracing. This is because the advanced renderer simulates the various reflections and scattering of light in the real world, making the object look close to the actual effect.
The baking that we have to do is to record the light and shadow effects that have been calculated by the advanced renderer on the map.

I showed UV on several of the objects above and baked the corresponding stickers using the 3dmax baking function. and the model with the UV information exported to FBX, put into unity inside.

in Unity, I pulled out two models, one that gave him the material directly from the original color, and another that showed the model of the baked stickers on the 3dmax. There is no light in the scene, if it is only the color of the material, the model will not have any contour and three-dimensional. The model with the baking map looks similar to the effect rendered when using ray tracing in 3dmax. Next we bake the lightmapping of this model with only color. Select the model, and then select Lightmap static inside the static.

in the menu bar window-->lightmapping Open the Lightmapping panel, in the bake bar to set the baking parameters, I use the following parameters:

once set up, you can bake, save the scene before baking, and then click the Bake Scene button. after a long wait (the time depends on the complexity of your model), the baking is over, the map is generated, and we can view it in maps:

at this point, we can make a small comparison:

There is no light in the scene, but whether it is a model baked by lightmapping or baked in 3DMax, it has a more realistic lighting effect. since both can achieve the same effect, what is the difference between them? 3dmax Baking:1. The model can be baked using a variety of advanced renderers, such as VRay. 2, can bake the effect like reflection. 3, because the shadow is fixed, so in the engine can only be placed in the 3DMax inside the display, or will wear help. So model maps cannot be used in various scenarios. Unity's lightmapping baking:1, set the parameters relatively no 3DMax inside the high-level renderer rich. 2, can only bake light and shadow tracking effect, can not bake reflection. 3, can be a model in different scenes baked separately, the model can be universal.
4, because each scene needs to bake a set of stickers, so if more scenes, will also increase the number of stickers.

As for the contrast between the two, this depends on the specific parameters of baking.
one thing to note here is that no matter what kind of baking you have, you need to do a UV operation on the model, and if the UV does not show, or if the UV range exceeds the 0-1 box, baking will be an error.

Small contrast of Unity's own lightmapping and 3Ds Max baking maps

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