Small to medium size Web site cluster architecture: rsync Error Set

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Frequently asked Questions 3.1.1 Rsync server Troubleshooting Ideas

To see if the Rsync service profile path is correct, the correct default path is:/etc/rsyncd.conf
Check the configuration file for host Allow,host deny, whether the allowed IP segment is an IP network segment that allows client access.
View the path in the configuration file for the existence and correct permissions (normally the owner and group corresponding to the UID parameter in the configuration file)
Check to see if the Rsync service is started. The View command is: Ps-ef | grep rsync. Whether the port exists netstat-plunt| grep 873
Check to see if the Iptables firewall and SELinux are enabled to allow the Rsync service to pass, or consider shutting down.
Check the server side rsync configured password file is 600 permissions, the password file format is correct, the correct format user name: password, file path and configuration file in the Secrect files parameters corresponding.
If you are pushing the data, to view under, configure the user in the rsyncd.conf file to have read and write permissions to the directory under the module.

3.1.2 Rsync Client Troubleshooting ideas

Check the client rsync configured password file is 600 permissions, password file format Shfou Correct, note: only need to have password, and the server Mima has been
Use Telnet to link the rsync server IP address 873 to see if the service is started (can test if the service-side firewall is blocked)
Client execution command is rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]:: Backup
The details of this command should be clearly remembered, especially double colons

3.2 No route to host problem
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backuprsync:failed to connect to route to Host (113) Rsync error:error in socket IO (code ten) at CLIENTSERVER.C (124) [sender=3.0.6]

Solution Solutions
Server shutdown Firewall

3.3 Error caused by execution of command errors
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::/backuperror:the remote path must start with a module Nam E not A/rsync Error:error starting Client-server Protocol (code 5) at MAIN.C (1503) [sender=3.0.6]

rsync command Syntax Understanding error:/backup must be a module, that is, cannot "/"

3.4 @ERROR: Auth failed on module backup
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backuppassword: @ERROR: Auth failed on module Backuprsync Error:error starting Client-server Protocol (code 5) at MAIN.C (1503) [Sender=3.0.6][[email protected] ~]#

1. The account Rsync_backup or password 123456 is wrong.
2. The specified password file does not match the actual name.
Secrets file =/etc/rsync.password
3. password file permissions forgot to change to 600
4. The password file has one more space. VI time with SET list or with Cat-a

3.5 @ERROR: Unknown module ' Backupa '
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backupa@error:unknown module ' Backupa ' rsync error:error Starting Client-server Protocol (code 5) at MAIN.C (1503) [Sender=3.0.6][[email protected] ~]#

The module of the file and the command do not match

3.6 Permissions Issues
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backuppassword:sending incremental file Listrsync:error: Cannot stat destination "." (in Backup): Permission denied (+) rsync error:errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at MAIN.C (554) [Receive R=3.0.6]rsync:connection unexpectedly closed (5 bytes received so far) [Sender]rsync Error:error in Rsync protocol data Stream (code) at IO.C (+) [sender=3.0.6]


The owner and owner group of the shared directory is incorrect, not rsync

The permissions for the shared directory are incorrect. Not 755.

3.7 did not create the corresponding directory
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backuppassword: @ERROR: chdir failedrsync error:error STA Rting Client-server Protocol (code 5) at MAIN.C (1503) [sender=3.0.6]

See if the directory of the configuration file corresponds to the directory created (same)
Or the directory is not created

3.8 ID or user group and user group does not exist
[Email protected] ~]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::backuppassword: @ERROR: Invalid UID rsyncrsync Error:erro R starting Client-server Protocol (code 5) at MAIN.C (1503) [sender=3.0.6]

Create an Rsync directory

3.9 The client has already configured the password file, but the password-free method, still need to enter the secret
[[email protected] ~]# rsync -avz /etc/hosts  [email protected]::backup --password-file=/etc/rsync.password password file  must not be other-accessiblecontinuing without password filepassword:  sending incremental file listhostsrsync: mkstemp  ". Hosts.xwbidh"   (in backup )  failed: Permission denied  ( sent 196 bytes  received 27)  bytes  89.20 bytes/sectotal size is 349  speedup is  1.57rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred  (see previous  errors)   (code 23)  at main.c (1039)  [sender=3.0.6] 

The client's password file permissions are not 600
chmod 600/etc/rsync.password

3.10 Slow transmission

Look at the log file

2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] params.c:parameter ()  -  Ignoring badly formed line in configuration file: ignore  errors2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] name lookup failed for  Name or service not known2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] connect from  UNKNOWN  ( 2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] rsync to backup/  from [email protected]  ( 2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] receiving  file list2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] rsync: mkstemp  ". Hosts.q63Fzr"   (in  backup)  failed: Permission denied  (2017/03/08 20:15:49 [25053] ) sent 173 bytes  received 253 bytes  total size 349 

Configure local domain name resolution/etc/hosts nfs01

after modification

2017/03/08 20:17:46 [25056] Params.c:parameter ()-ignoring badly formed line in configuration File:ignore errors2017/03/ 20:17:46 [25056] Connect from nfs01 ( 2017/03/08 20:17:46 [25056] rsync to Backup/from [email protected] (1 2017/03/08 20:17:46 [25056] Receiving file list2017/03/08 20:17:46 [25056] rsync:mkstemp ". Hosts. CMOBRM "(in Backup) Failed:permission denied (all) 2017/03/08 20:17:46 [25056] sent 173 bytes received 253 bytes Total Si Ze 349
3.11 Client directory Permissions 644+rsync using the AVZ parameter

The/backup directory modification permission is given to the server after the push is sent. Turning server-side permissions into 644 causes transmission to fail.

SH [[email protected] ~]# echo 123456>/etc/rsync.password Ash:123456:bad file descriptor


Problem, service not started

[Email protected] scripts]# rsync-avz/etc/hosts [email protected]::allbackuprsync:failed to connect to Nnection refused (111) rsync error:error in socket IO (code ten) at CLIENTSERVER.C (124) [sender=3.0.6]


Unknown error
[Email protected] scripts]# rsync-az-delete/data/[email protected]::nfsbackup--password-file=/etc/rsync.passwordr Sync:failed to exec lete:no such file or directory (2) rsync error:error in IPC Code (code) at pipe.c (+) [sender=3.0 .6]rsync:connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Sender]rsync Error:error in Rsync protocol data Strea M (code) at IO.C (+) [sender=3.0.6]

Resolution: Re-write the command, OK?

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Small to medium size Web site cluster architecture: rsync Error Set

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