Smart phone +DIY infrared = universal Remote Control

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There seems to be only: Samsung S4., Nubian Daniel, Huawei Glory 3 and several new machines have infrared remote control function, then we use the phone does not have this function how to do? Don't worry I have a way hehe, this time DIY material easy to find and simple, we can try it yourself!

DIY Material: Infrared diode 2 (no can be removed on the old remote control), 3.5 headphone plug a

Production method: such as (I hard to do the figure do not steal Oh, give a praise!) )

DIY start: Two IR diodes reverse and weld together

Solder to the left and right channel of the 3.5 plug (whether you are a three-or four-level plug as long as the welding to the left and the channel on it)!

In a row to do 2 have been colleagues to go, but also have to weld one to yourself! (have a friend want to send you free of charge, postage self-, hehe!!) )

after welding can take out the mobile phone to open the software and plug in this little thing, how to verify is not available? At this point you need to have another phone or camera to open the photo mode to the infrared diode, and then press the SOFTWARE key test, if you see your infrared diode glow in another phone or camera screen, then congratulations on your success! If you can't shine and then you're welding it's no problem that your phone doesn't support this thing!

first on-machine trial,(in the company only air conditioning can test, what TV, set-top box, SLR, fan, etc. have no chance to test, we are interested in DIY a try these features to share the effect)
Samsung phone tried 3 can, HTC phone tried 1 OK, Lenovo tried 1 failed, red Rice failed, millet 3 can be tried is not ideal only in 2 meters effective
[4.16 also tested the Xiaomi 1 youth version of the failure of the mobile phone does not support, there is a fake Android phone success of the cottage is also mighty AH].
The above are all on the colleague's mobile phone test, each person's phone model settings are not the same can not guarantee that 100% of the mobile phone will be able to use.

Mobile Software Interface!

take the office air conditioning to do test at 10 meters away, temperature plus minus, switch machine settings can!
Yes, success!

try another air conditioner or you can! Unfortunately, no other equipment let me test!

Welding 2 Infrared diode effect is best, my mobile phone can be in 10 remote locations. Welding an infrared diode can also use remote control distance will be closer!
Software We search by ourselves (Android phone using the Software Remote wizard, Apple phone using the software zazaremote  Some people in the province say I play ads, use the method of their own groping, I also read on the Internet.    
(the last sticker DIY a refrigerator lighting, take photos when there is a food brand on the top since someone said I was advertising, I'm angry. ! hard to post is to share with you, I hope we can find common interest and happiness, do not want to back everyone misunderstanding! )Pro, Praise! Ask for extra points!

The final product came out! in fact, the appearance is still possible, but the film is not good-looking.

with it to go home no longer need so many remote control, a mobile phone is done, no longer have to rob the remote control with his wife!

recently, some people asked me all kinds of questions I am not the big God knows everything, I searched the Internet to understand the necessary things lest we go more detours! Here is a excerpt from the network:

Support Phone Model list
[P=21, NULL, left]support Apple IOS5.0 above support Apple full range iphone4/4s iphone5/5c/5s (please ios7.1 the official version of the phone first test whether the software can be installed)pay attention to the jailbreak version and the jailbreak version when downloading!
[P=21, NULL, left]The Android series is listed only for models (not guaranteed for brushed and unlisted models)
[P=21, NULL, left]Samsung I9300, i900, i9220,
[P=21, NULL, left]Samsung i939 GALAXY SIII (Telecom edition)
[P=21, NULL, left]Samsung GALAXYNOTEII
Supported HTC Models:
New HTC one 802w unicom Edition
New HTC One 802t mobile version
New HTC One 802d Telecom Edition
HTC Butterfly HTC 920E
[P=21, NULL, left]The following models are available for some user testing and are not guaranteed to be used for reference only!
[P=21, NULL, left]**************************************************
[P=21, NULL, left]Samsung s7568,n7105,n7108,i8552,i929
[P=21, NULL, left]
Motorola Xoom,moto Xt928,moto X,motoxt912,moto g
Huawei 8813C, 8815 Meizu mx3,mx2 Glory 3
HTC G7 and using mainstream mobile Audio remote control app


Precautions for use:
1. First adjust the volume of the mobile phone to the maximum (by phone volume fn) Apple users Note: More----advanced Settings---zaza maximum volume must be set to 100% .
[P=21, NULL, left]2. Device Selection > Smart-zaza Other advanced options are available by default. (Apple not set)
3. Open the appliance you want to control.
4. Keep the phone on the infrared receiving window for 1-2 meters when matching. (normal control distance 3-5 meters, individual phones due to the headset audio power smaller controllable angle will be narrower to align)
5. When matching the remote control √ Choose DIY Library, (if there is a reaction immediately released, into a test signal, if not sometimes may have jumped to the next code, so choose Back to match).

The third article came out: previously collected .... Put in there to look at the heart itch, hehe decisively put her (you understand)

Fourth article:Not the essence I do not hair, 5.1 Labor Day special production of alternative LED energy-saving lamp whole process with welfare!

with sister's XXX to make light control small night light Shen Jing ...

Smart phone +DIY infrared = universal Remote Control

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