"Software Weekly" is to speed, Angular 4.0.0 beta0 release; JetBrains bring a new Go Ide-gogland

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Is the speed, Angular 4.0.0 BETA0 released

Due to the need to align the core package version with semantic versioning, Angular 2 will usher in Angular 4. Update content:

    • fix (compiler): Fix merge errors in Compiler_host
    • Common: add a titlecase pipe
    • Common: export nglocalelocalization
    • compiler: Add ID property to I18nmessage
    • Compiler: Digest methods return i18nmessage ID if sets
    • forms: add novalidate by default
    • http: Simplify Urlsearchparams creation
    • Language-service: warn when a method isn ' t called on an event
    • Platform Browser: introduce Meta service
    • Router: routerlink Add tabindex attribute
    • testing: Add Overridetemplate method
    • Common ngif now supports else; Saves condition to local Var

Angular also released the 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 versions

The 2.3.0 version is updated as follows:

BUG fixes

  • Common: ensure that the plural category exists
  • compiler: includes overview of reexported Modules/directives/pipes
  • compiler: correctly serialize regardless of StaticSymbol context
  • Compiler: short-circuit expression with index
  • Core: Display the frame version on a standalone component
  • facade: cache RAW format string
  • http: Set the default Accept header
  • Language-service: avoid throwing invalid class declarations
  • language-service: Invalid metadata is no longer thrown
  • language-service: createLanguageServiceFromTypescript() Remove unused parameters from
  • language-service: compiler-cli update uses CompilerHost
  • Router: allows you to specify a match without specifying a path
  • Router: fix replaceurl instructions in Routerlink
  • Router: fix skiplocationchanges instructions in Routerlink
  • Router: make Setuplocationchangelistener idempotent
  • Router: repeated run protection when navigating to the same URL unsuccessfully each time
  • Router: when angular 1 is no longer bootstraped, throw a better error message to remind
  • Router: Validate nested routines by
  • tsc-wrapped: usererror Display the actual error


    • compiler: read and write .ngsummary.json files

Go 1.8 Beta2 Released, official version scheduled for February 2017 release

Go 1.8 Beta2 released. It is reported that the development of the new features of Go 1.8 has been frozen, go 1.8 is scheduled to be officially released in February 2017, new features and detailed instructions please check the official documentation.

Go 1.8 Beta2 did not find the update log, the submission record is as follows:

    • Test: Add GCC 78763.go test that causes the GCCGO compiler to crash
    • Test: Add the MIPSX case to the Nosplit.go
    • Net/http:deflake testservertimeouts Maybe
    • Runtime: Save callee-saved C Registers to Sigtramp

What are the new features of Python 3.6 coming soon?

Before the release of the new version, let's look at some important new features.

1. Formatting string literals

    • PEP 498 introduces F-string, a new type of string literal. Chinese translates to "format string literal". This string f is prefixed with a string that is str.format() accepted by a similar method. The replaceable fields are {} wrapped up and evaluated at run time. Specific code examples:
>>> width = 10>>> precision = 4>>> value = decimal.Decimal("12.34567")>>> f"result: {value:{width}.{precision}}"  # nested fields'result:      12.35'

2. Variable comment syntax

    • Previously, Python has added a standard for annotating function variable types, which is type hint. Python 3.6 Adds the ability to annotate more variable types, including class variables and instance variables, based on PEP 526 's proposal.
captain: str # 未设置初始值class Starship:    stats: Didct[str, int] = {}
    • Unlike variable declarations in static languages, variable declarations in Python are designed to make it easier to provide structured type metadata for third-party tools and libraries. Tools that will use the new syntax include: Mypy,pytype,pycharm, and so on.

3. Numeric literals using underscores

    • For larger numbers, too many digits may not be good for judging how big the value is. Now the new version will allow you to use underscores in your digital literals to improve readability.
>>> 1_000_000_000_000_0001000000000000000>>> 0x_FF_FF_FF_FF4294967295

4. Asynchronous generators

    • In the previous release, Python introduced support for the native coprocessor, which can be used async or await syntactically, but there is a limitation that there is no way to use and in the same function body await yield . This restriction is canceled in version 3.6, so you will be able to define an asynchronous generator later. With the new syntax, you can make your code more concise and run faster.
async def ticker(delay, to):    """Yield numbers from 0 to *to* every *delay* seconds."""    for i in range(to):        yield i        await asyncio.sleep(delay)

5. Asynchronous derivation

    • Derivation (comprehension) is itself a great syntactic sugar in python. In the new version, it will get a major upgrade. PEP 530 proposes the use of syntax in lists, tuples, dictionary derivations, or builder expressions async for . In this way, the original various derivations can be converted to support asynchrony. Also, expressions are supported in the derivation await .

Some libraries have been added to the new version, and it has been heard that the dictionary type has been re-implemented, and the elements inside will be ordered.

Linux Release CentOS 7.3 release

CentOS 7.3 is released and CentOS is the product of the re-compiling of the source code for Rhel (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and there are many known bugs fixed on the basis of Rhel, and its stability is trustworthy relative to other Linux distributions. Major update:

    • Since release 1503 (abrt>= 2.1.11-19.el7.centos.0.1) CentOS-7 can report bugs directly to bugs.centos.org. You can find information on that feature at the this page.
    • Various new packages include among Others:python-gssapi, Python-netifaces, MOD_AUTH_OPENIDC, Pidgin and Qt5.
    • Support for the 7th-generation Core i3, i5, and i7 Intel processors and i²c on 6th-generation core processors have been add Ed.
    • Various packages has been rebased. Some of those are samba, squid, systemd, krb5, Gcc-libraries, Binutils, Gfs-utils, LibreOffice, Gimp,selinux, FIREWALLD, L Ibreswan, Tomcat and Open-vm-tools.
    • SHA2 is now supported by OpenLDAP.
    • Ecc-support have been added to OPenJDK-8, Perlnet:ssleay and Perlio::socket::ssl.
    • Bluetooth LE is now supported.

JetBrains's new Go IDE codename Gogland released

Gogland is the JetBrains company launched the Go Language integrated development environment. Gogland also based on the IntelliJ platform development, support JetBrains plug-in system. The official version is not yet released.

Open source Servlet Container Jetty 9.4.0 official release

After 14 major releases in the 9.3.x branch, 2 milestone builds, and 4 candidate releases, the Jetty team announced the release of Jetty 9.4.0 official release! Jetty 9.4.0 introduces several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Main updates:

    • Session Manager overhaul: Session management is now easier to implement and configure. Additionally, improved support is provided for managing instances that use multiple technologies to support session clustering (Mongodb,infinispan, etc.).
    • Improved HTTP/2: Better flow control, higher throughput, thread interleaving, and more
    • Logging improvements: The log module Jetty 9.4.0 has been greatly expanded to make the configuration more transparent and provides more options for implementation.
    • Improved modular system: The Jetty module system introduced in Jetty 9.3 has grown. New modules have been added to existing modules, and features like module tags have been introduced to provide greater flexibility and customization for complex implementations.
    • The upgrade to Websocket:websocketclient has been integrated with the Jetty HttpClient to support Cookiestore, proxy, authentication, and follow-up redirection capabilities. Additionally, the Jetty Websocket implementation has received several tuning changes to improve performance.

Java Development Tools IntelliJ idea 2016.3.1 release

IntelliJ idea was released in 2016.3.1. If you haven't tried IntelliJ idea 2016.3, you're welcome to use IntelliJ idea 2016.3.1, and This update brings a lot of important bug fixes.

    • One of the most notable changes is the support for JUnit 5 M3, if you plan to continue with JUnit 5 M2, you must use IntelliJ idea 2016.3 (or earlier), or manually introduce attributes from the classpath of JUnit 5 M2.
    • As for JDK 9,intellij idea 2016.3 will not support builds 148 and above because they contain destructive code. Efforts are now being made to resolve this issue, and the version that supports the latest JDK 9 will be released at 2017.1 (its EAP may start in the next few weeks)

Android Studio 2.3 Canary 3 Release

Android Studio 2.3 Canary version 3 has been released to Canary and Dev channels. In addition to a number of common bug fixes, there are some notable changes in this release:

1. Instant run (Instant running)

    • The way Instant Run works in this release has been significantly changed. Changes to the running app are no longer associated with the Play.png run button. The Run button will now always perform an app restart. To make code and resource changes in a running process, there is a new Hot-reload.png button next to it, "Apply changes", which attempts to transfer the changes to the application. (keyboard shortcuts for applying changes are cmd-ctrl-r on Control-f10,mac on Windows and Linux).

    • The purpose of this change is to make the run button more reliable. By running, you can always make sure that the changes are reflected in the running application. Applying changes is now a separate action taken when making adjustments. The Run button continues to use cold swap (cold swap) to build the program faster than reinstalling the full APK, but it is limited to Lollipop.

2. Build cache (Build caching)

    • In Android Studio 2.3 Canary 1, a new build cache was enabled by default (it uses a cross-project shared directory to extract and compile the library). This eventually breaks down several features in the IDE, which make assumptions about the location of the library. In Android Studio 2.3 Canary 3, most of these errors have been fixed; There are also some superficial things remaining (such as listing the library version in the merged manifest editor and the document Pop-up window), and subsequent fixes will continue.

3. Layout Editor

    • There are several new features in the layout editor. First, the palette has been completely rewritten. The new palette provides a preview of widgets, better sorting, and search and filtering: Click the search icon findplain.png to find widgets. Second, search and filter can now also work in the property inspector. Third, the set of properties that can be displayed in the inspector for the specified widget custom type. In all property sheets, click the Star icon favorites.png to bookmark the properties of this type of widget that you want to view, and from now on, these properties will appear in the Favorites section of the component Inspector.

4. App links Assistant (App link assistant)

    • The Android app link allows users to seamlessly connect to your app experience. Now it's easier to add support for Android app links in your app. Just go to [tools] > [app link Assistant] in Android Studio to get started.

5. Lint

    • The command line HTML reports has been overhauled-no longer the old dark holo appearance, now has a Material design look, and includes code snippet syntax highlighting and more.

6.Data binding (data binding)

    • Fixed several editor errors, including common feature expression issues. The editor parser can now handle these correctly.

7. Dual Debugger (Dual debugger)

    • The Hybrid debugger has been renamed to a dual debugger.

8. Proguard version Update (Proguard edition upgrade)

    • The Android plugin for Gradle uses the Proguard version to upgrade to 5.3.2.

9. SDK Patches (SDK patch)

    • Patches are now being provided for the SDK after the SDK update has been patched. Over the next few weeks, more patches will continue to be provided for more components.

Android Studio 2.3 Beta1 released, 2.3 first beta

This version and the December 13 release of Android Studio 2.3 Canary 3 are not very different, mainly the IDE has been modified :

    • In Android Studio 2.3 Canary 1, the underlying IDE has been upgraded from IntelliJ 2016.1 to 2016.2, adding many new features-ligatures, breadcrumbs, editor background images, redesigned UI, and more. BETA1 contains some additional patches in OpenJDK to help MAC users running Sierra.

MySQL Community Edition 5.7.17 released

MySQL Community Edition 5.7.17 released, this version is more improved, involving security, InnoDB, NDB Cluster, Replication and so on. See the official release page for details .

Rapid development Platform Springblade stable release

Springblade is a highly integrated and packaged rapid development platform based on a number of outstanding open source projects.

Built-in Features

    • User Management
    • Role management
    • Menu Management
    • Dictionary Management
    • Department Management
    • Attachment Management
    • Parameter management
    • Connection Pool Monitoring
    • Log Management
    • Code generation

Technology selection

Back end

    • Core Framework: Spring framework
    • Security framework: Apache Shiro
    • View frame: Spring MVC
    • Server-side validation: Blade Validator
    • Task Scheduler: Spring Task
    • Persistence Layer Framework: Beetlsql
    • Template engine: Beetl
    • Database connection pool: Alibaba Druid
    • Cache frame: Ehcache
    • Log management: SLF4J, Logbackup
    • Tools Category: Apache Commons, Fastjson, Easypoi, Bladetoolbox


    • JS Framework: JQuery
    • CSS Framework: Twitter Bootstrap
    • Client Authentication: Jquery-html5validate
    • Rich Text: Kindecitor
    • Data table: Jqgrid
    • Tree structure controls: JQuery Ztree
    • Pop-up layer: layer
    • Date control: Laydate
    • Chart control: Echarts

Mybatis-plus released 2.0 milestone version, code: Lushan

Upgrade Log

  1. Support for global capitalization naming policy
  2. Automatic Paging Count statement optimization
  3. Optimize existing global configuration policies
  4. Optimizing Global validation Policies
  5. Optimized code generator (previously hard-coded, now using template form)
  6. General method of optimization injection BYMAP logic
  7. Add auto-Select database type
  8. Improved Sqlexplaininterceptor (self-judged MySQL version does not support the interceptor is direct release (version is less than 5.6.3))
  9. Fixed the problem of multiple escapes for some special characters
  10. Optimize existing Entitywrapper add Wrapper parent class and Condition chained query
  11. The Wrapper class makes the like method compatible with a variety of databases
  12. Tuning log using native Mybatis log output hint information
  13. Fix using a cache causes the count value to not be computed with paging
  14. Fix Performanceinterceptor replacement? causes printing of SQL inaccuracies and adds formatted SQL options
  15. To add a variety of database support, see DBType
  16. Add String Type field non-null check policy (string type automatically determines non-null and non-empty strings)
  17. Wrapper Add similar QBC queries (EQ, GT, LT, etc.)
  18. Support AR mode (need to inherit model)
  19. Merge all selective common methods (for example: Remove the previous Insert method and rename the previous insetselective to insert)
  20. Solve the situation where the SQL stripper will be removed
  21. Support MySQL keyword, auto escape
  22. Streamline the underlying Service, Mapper inheritance structure
  23. Do not like to write the Gospel of SQL in XML, add a new way to execute SQL, see SQLQuery
  24. Optimizing the Code structure
  25. Fix issus[95,96,98,100,103,104,108,114,119,121,123,124,125,126,127,128,131,133,134,135], see Milestone Mybatis-plus 2.0 for details All issus in the plan

JS/HTML/CSS Terminal Hyper 1.0.0 released

The Hyper is a js/html/css terminal tool. The project is designed to create a beautiful, easy-to-extend command-line interface tool for users and to build an open WEB standard. Update content:

1. Support for Windows, Linux version improvements

This version officially announces support for Windows, while providing a first-class Linux version:

    • Move from Child_pty to Pty.js-the latter supports Windows
    • Overridden the UI of the tab
    • Added a hamburger menu for easy access to the app menu

2. Customizing the appearance of Active sessions

You can customize the appearance of the active session through the. Term_active CSS class:

    • The active <term/> will receive the active CSS class.

3. Vibrancy

Release a new Electron version that supports vibrancy on MacOS:

    • You can select from the list of available activity types.

4. Further improve the developer experience and improve the development workflow

    • No longer use a unified task to start. This means that the Hyper will not fail because Webpack still works
    • Using a lint task, you can only run Linter to check whether the code style matches.

Open Source Series Collection Elastic Stack 5.1.1 released

Elasticstack 5.1.1 Released, Elasticstack is a collection of open source products, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats, among others. Update content:


    • Reindex allows multiple workers and makes it run faster
    • New Field/query type allows indexing and querying time ranges
    • Task Manager allows you to cancel long-running searches

For more detailed information and many other features, please read Elasticsearch details.


"Visualize" all the features, as well as "discover" for more information, see details.

    • Cloud Label Add visualization
    • Higher rendering speed, lower CPU usage, and better processing of data and indexes by discover


Many user-requested features appear in this release. For more information please see details.

    • Date filters have been enhanced and are 2.5 times times faster in all cases.

Beats: For details please refer to Details

x-pack: X-pack got a new feature in search Profiler to see the details.

es-hadoop: Includes an emergency fix that handles raw JSON data in Pig, Hive, and cascading.

7-year interval after the update, Pygame 1.9.2 officially released

Pygame 1.9.2 is officially released and now supports Python 3. Pygame is a set of Python program modules developed for the development of game software based on the SDL library. Allows you to create feature-rich games and multimedia programs in a Python program, Pygame is a highly portable module that can support multiple operating systems.

The release of the last official version of Pygame was in August 2009, and it has been more than 7 years.

Element-ui 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 released

v1.0.6 Update content:

    • New properties for Tabs components disabled
    • Added input support for DatePickersize
    • datetimerangeissue where the Panel does not display the correct date when you fix DatePicker as type and set the initial value
    • Fixed an issue that showed exceptions when switching years DatePicker
    • Fix DatePicker Click icon does not trigger clickoutside problem
    • Fix an issue where Timepicker click the Empty button and click again to not update the initial value
    • Fix display problem when Select remote search and value is Object type
    • Fixed issue where Select is disabled clearable still available for work
    • Fix the disabled problem of background color error when switching on a custom background color switch in dynamic mode
    • Fix some style problems with Table

v1.0.7 Update content:

    • Fixed DatePicker when hover empty button when a value is present the box is displayed incorrectly
    • Fix DatePicker setting default value of NULL will incorrectly display time value
    • Add row-contextmenu events and properties for max-height Table
    • Add the properties of the MessageBox customClass
    • Added Message and Notification iconClass and customClass properties
    • New Table supports empty slots
    • Improving the Inputnumber change event to increase the parameters of the old value

Linux Mint 18.1 ' Serena ' released, Christmas specials

Linux Mint 18.1 ' Serena ' was released. Linux Mint 18.1 comes with an updated Cinnamon 3.2, which works great. The Mint team added a new screen saver/login screen to the desktop environment, and so on.

New preview:

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