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For many small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many server demands. For example, for website operation, selecting a proper server is undoubtedly an important prerequisite. When encountering server requirements, small and medium-sized enterprises and even some large enterprises will encounter a dilemma, because we usually have two ways to choose servers, buy them by ourselves or rent them from IDC operators. Which method is better or more cost-effective? Next, let's make a comparison to see who is better and who is the bad solution to the two server requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of server Leasing

The advantage of renting servers from IDC operators is convenience and low price. We know that systems and software need to be installed after most servers are purchased, and the servers are finally put into IDC data centers after debugging, therefore, it is easier to directly rent servers from IDCs. For example, if the data center is not far from the user's location, it is very easy to do. It is OK to drive by yourself or take a bus, but if the data center is far away from the user's location, it is usually very troublesome to run in the past. At this time, leasing is indeed a relatively good way, especially in the southwest and northwest regions, with very few data center resources, users in those regions use their own servers for hosting. It is indeed better to rent them directly.

However, the servers used for renting data centers are also insufficient, mainly because users cannot see the servers they rented in most cases, some well-known operators will truthfully tell customers what brand and model their servers are. However, there will also be a very small number of IDCs that use self-assembled servers as rental services to reduce costs, so what users can provide is simple server configuration materials, the brand of the motherboard or even the motherboard chip can be viewed only when the user remotely manages the server.

Advantages and disadvantages of Self-purchasing servers

If a user buys a server and then places it in the IDC for hosting, the biggest obstacle may be the price. However, with the decrease in server costs, most professional customers and major customers have switched to the self-purchasing equipment and hosting mode, because self-purchasing has obvious advantages.

Assembling a server in your own way, or even assembling half of the new accessories and half of the second-hand accessories, the price will not be too high; users who want high performance can purchase 4-or 8-Channel products with sufficient funds. Some brand-oriented and stable users can also directly purchase the first-line big factory products of IBM and HP. In addition, some users may need to use special operating systems and software, or COPY a large amount of data to the server hard disk in advance. These operations are not very convenient to remotely control the servers in the data center, generally, you need to debug or copy the file before taking it to the IDC for hosting.

By comparing the above two methods, we can draw a conclusion: for a location far away from the data center, you can choose to rent a server, saving the trouble of a boat trip. If it is not far away from the data center, it is best to purchase a server and then store it for hosting, even if the price is more expensive than the rent.

The ancients cloud, the fish and the bear's paw can not have both, so really can not take into account the price and stability at the same time? The appearance of VPS hosts makes the answer clear. A vps host is a product between host hosting and virtual hosts. It is a space lease that is far more advanced than a virtual host. A vps host allows you to have full control permissions for an independent operating system. You can install programs and customize the application scope. In this way, users do not have to worry about whether to support certain components or whether there is a limit on the number of concurrent users when using virtual hosts.

In addition, in terms of functions, each virtual host of a vps host is slightly different from a real host, but the price is much lower than that of a host. Each VM has an independent public IP address and can install databases and applications on its own. At the same time, the customer can freely choose the operating system to use, and can have permissions of super administrators such as Administrator and Root, you can remotely manage the rented hosts.

At present, the VPS host business can be said to be a popular IDC service and also a leasing service similar to virtual hosts with great development potential in the future. Compared with purchasing servers by yourself, VPS host services are both cheap and have the advantages of server leasing. Compared with traditional server leasing and virtual hosts, VPS hosts are generally configured relatively high, it is too expensive to rent a server with such a configuration separately, and it is more cost-effective to use a VPS host.

Although VPS hosts have multiple advantages, you need to choose one based on your own needs. As the saying goes, there is no best, only better, and there is no best way to choose a server, only the method that best suits you.

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